04/12/2012 Grade 8 Verve Language Assignment

04/12/2012 Grade 8 Verve Language Assignment

Task type: Partly Research based

Date of Submission: 06/12/2012

Estimated time: around 45 minutes

Dear Students,

We are currently working on Writing to Inform Unit from the checkpoint book 3.

Writing to Inform means “to give facts to another person”. You must keep these techniques in mind before opting for writing to inform questions/tasks given below:


Think about Genre, Audience, Purpose and Style.

Genre – could be giving instructions, recipes, directions, manuals, science experiment

Audience – could be anyone

Purpose – to inform – giving unbiased information which is reliable and factual

Style – formal

When writing to inform, make sure language is clear, factual and impersonal. Use short and clear sentences. Break up the writing with diagrams, illustrations, pictures and subheadings.

(source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/english/writing/writingtoinformrev2.shtml)

Considering these simple steps, attempt any TWO of the following tasks:

  1. Your school is taking part in a student exchange with students from the USA. Write an unbiased introduction for potential students which informs them about what they can look forward to when they spend time at your school.
  2. Write an informative article for teenagers to be placed in a ‘time capsule’ in which you inform the future reader about some aspect of a current teenager’s life.
  3. You are keen on nature. Write an article for your school magazine in which you inform its readers (both parents and students) about the reasons for your interest and about your feelings for this.
  4. Write a guide for Grade 7 students that informs them of the course contents and assessment criteria for the checkpoint exams.


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