Grade 3 Innovate Highlights–27th Nov’12 to 4th Dec’12

Grade 3 Innovate Highlights–27th Nov’12 to 4th Dec’12

Students shared their exciting holidaying experiences. They looked  more confident and loved to be back to school. Students submitted their homework with a feed back that the home work was easy and manageable. The students started with some revision on punctuation in language and revision of measurement strand in maths.

UOI- The students were tuned into the new unit on Earth’s natural resources with the revision of the last unit on body organs and the interconnections of the systems. the students brainstormed on the different earth’s resources. They watched a song,’This little earth is all I’ve got’ and reflected on it through some prompt questions. They watched videos on earth’s resources and reflected through an activity called’ Collect, Connect, and Correct’.

Then as we do in all the units we filled up the ‘Connect – Extend – Challenge’ chart (this chart represents the KWL chart in a new form). We filled the Connect column with all the things that we already know about the unit.

Then the students unpacked the Central Idea with all the brainstorming on the words of the CI. The CI was displayed on a chart paper and student came up with their understanding on it and we derived the Key concepts too altogether.

Now to start up with the case study on the resources, today students watched videos to understand the usage and availability of the Natural resource ‘ Water’. They have learnt that to do a case study they need to first research on the source  of the resource.

For Language and Maths we have started with learning centers since yesterday. We will let you know the details of the learning centers soon.

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