H.W for the day- 4 December ’12

H.W for the day- 4 December ’12


  • What is the difference between 2d and 3d objects?
  • Try out creating some more 3d shapes from its net. (Link on FSICT) You can download the nets of your choice and make it into 3d shapes.
  • Go through page 30 and 31 of checkpoint book.
For all:
  • Completion of activities related to Cinquain in poetry workbook.
  • Students need to prepare a scrap book, having a collection of their own poems. The work has to be original. The scrap book is part of their summative assessment. They need to make the scrap book as attractive as possible-using illustrations, pictures etc. They would be required to write at least two poems from the different types of poetry that they learn in school. For example : two poems on Couplets(each having 10 lines each), two on Cinquain and so on. SO start working on the scrap book. (The scrapbook was given to you in the beginning of academic year bundled with other books.) To begin with do the following:
    •  Cover the scrap book neatly.
    • Prepare the cover page.
    • Start writing Couplets and Cinquains.
    • Get them checked from the respective teachers.
    • Once approved, you can write it in your scrap book.
  • Run group: A google doc has been shared with you. Write your couplet on”Surat” or “Fountainhead” in that doc.
  • Sprint group:  Work on the document shared with you earlier and see how the poem as a whole can be improvised.
Perform the following experiment and note down your observations in the given table. (To be submitted on 6 December)

Materials Required:

  • A Pair of skates (If you don’t have it get one from your friend or neighbor)
  • Different floor surfaces

What you need to do:

  1. Hold the skate and push it along a smooth floor surface. What does it feel like? Is it very easy, easy, hard or very hard to push?
  2. Now predict how it will feel to push the skate on four other types of surface, such as wooden floor, carpet, thick rug and tiles.
  3. Now test to find out if your predictions are correct. Record you results in a table like the one shown below.
  4. Which is the easiest surface to push the skate on? Which was the hardest? What differences do you notice between these surfaces? Why do you think some surfaces are harder to push on and other surfaces are easier?
Type of floor How did it feel to push the skate?
Very easy Easy Hard Very Hard
Wooden floor
Thick rug
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