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Day: December 5, 2012

Invitation to attend a unique talk in Surat: by Nipun Mehta on Gift-i-vism

Invitation to attend a unique talk in Surat: by Nipun Mehta on Gift-i-vism

Dear parents,
It’s my pleasure to announce to all of you that Oasis and Fountainhead have partnered to bring a unique talk & dialogue to Surat – by Nipun Mehta, the founder of ServiceSpace.
Mr. Mehta has single-handedly made popular a term called as Gift Economy – an economic model that runs on contribution rather than consumption. He has run numerous such projects all over the world – and it’s his mission now to promote the Joy of Giving to all! I encourage you to read more about Mr. Mehta here and watch a very well received talk given at TEDx Berkeley here.
Apart from Fountainhead staff and parents, the city’s leading industrialists, corporates, educationists and professionals have been invited and have shown significant interest. I would encourage you to attend this event.
Date: 9 December, Sunday
Venue: Community Science Centre, City Light
Timings: 2:45 pm to 5:00 pm (entry stops at 3 p.m.)
Please note that there are limited seats – so registrations for the same will be accepted on a first cum first serve basis. So the quicker you register for the event, the better will be your chances to attend the talk.
Registration: To register, please send an email to with your name and confirming whether your spouse will also be coming. We will send the invitation cards with your child on Friday. In case we are unable to do so, you may pick up the card from the school on Saturday as well.
Vardan Kabra
Global Perspectives Assignment – The Kite Runner

Global Perspectives Assignment – The Kite Runner

We watched a bit of the movie ‘The Kite Runner’ today. The major themes we will consider for our discussion are –  class issues (both cultural and socio-economic); fear serving as a motivator; the role of religion and revenge; alienation and immigration.

Here are some excerpts from the book that might help. Try to associate each of these excerpts with a theme and explain your choice. 

"Perspective was (is) a luxury when your head was (is) constantly buzzing with a 
swarm of demons." 
"Afghans abhor customs but cherish rules." (p. 52)
"But better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie." (p. 58)
"In the end, the world always wins. That's just the way of things." 
"For me America was a place to bury memories. For Baba, a place to mourn his." 
"Baba loved the idea of America. It was living in America that gave him an ulcer."
“America was different. America was a river roaring along, unmindful of the 
past. I could wade into this river, let my sins drown to the bottom, let the 
waters carry me someplace far.” 
"Afghans like to say: Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end...crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis [nomads]." 
Do bring your ideas to the next class. A brief update on the history of Afghanistan might help.
Please do not resort to using the internet for the above mentioned assignment, I am interested
in your views only.

H.W for the day | 5 December ’12

H.W for the day | 5 December ’12


  • Hope you have finished exercise 3.5 given on page 31. If not quickly do so. Its very simple.
  • Work on activated mindspark topics. Complete Point,line and plane; triangle, triangle properties and congruence and quadrilaterals and quadrilateral properties by this weekend. After that these topics will be deactivated and reports will be generated.
  • Once done with the above exercise enjoy the bonus- Play the game under the title 3d shapes from this link-
  • Start creating poems for your scrapbook. Submit 2 poems by tomorrow. Don’t take the poems which are already written by you in the poetry workbook.
  • Learn from the links posted on FSICT wiki
G9 CS Discussion Topics for Tomorrow’s Class

G9 CS Discussion Topics for Tomorrow’s Class

Hi Students,

As per our discussion in the last class, You need to do a reading assignment in which 2 topics were of your choice and 1 topic I have assigned you individually. So, In total everyone has to do a reading assignment on 3 topics.

The topics are as follows:

  1. Input Devices
  2. Output devices
  3. Storage Devices
  4. Processors
  5. Types Of Computers : Super Computer, Mainframe Computers, PC / Laptops, PDA / Tablet / Netbook
Apart from these, you all need also to find out about Indian Super Computer.
G-3 Hindi Homework

G-3 Hindi Homework

Hindi Homework

Write 6 to 8 lines about’ मेरा परिवार ‘ in Hindi.

Homework will be given in their respective classes.

G-4 Hindi Homework

G-4 Hindi Homework

Hindi Homework-

चंपक पुस्तिका में से कहानी -‘चीकू टीचर और डमरू’ पेज नं -8 पढ़ कर  बीजली बचाने के कौन कौन से उपाय हैं ?अपने शब्दों 10 से 12 में  लाइन में नोटबूक  लिखो ।

Hindi Homework will be given in their respective classes.

Homework Submit Date – 10-12-12.

Highlights and Homework (5th Dec)

Highlights and Homework (5th Dec)


Students solved more sums on perimeter where they found perimeter for regular and irregular shapes.


The students appearing for Math Olympiad tomorrow have to prepare for the same and the others will solve any 7 problems on perimeter.



Highlights and homework from 3rd Dec-5th Dec

Highlights and homework from 3rd Dec-5th Dec

UOI: In light of our new upcoming unit, the students went down to the ground to dig up 3 pits which was to be their excavation site. With continuous digging and shoveling, students were able to retrieve multiple artifacts which led to their inquiry of how these got here and why. This activity continued on for 3 days, and it gave the students a realistic feel of what archeologists go through to explore and unveil the secrets of history.

Students also conducted the NEWS activity catering to the 3rd line of inquiry of the Biomes unit. Through this activity, students realized the harm humans face through their own actions which affect the environment. They realized the major drawbacks a Nation, Society, Well being, Economy face all together when the environment is harmed.

MATH: Students took their summative assessment on fractions.

LANGUAGE: Based on their holiday homework reader ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone’, students watched a movie in the Xbox and were asked to write a descriptive piece on one of their favorite characters from the book.


Rewrite your descriptive writing based on the discussion in class.

IMO test is tomorrow on the 6th of December. All participants, please study for it and come prepared.

Highlights of December 5

Highlights of December 5



Language- The learners recited the poem ‘Values’ and answered the given questions in the Poem book.

Math- Sums on finding the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes was done in the Math note-book. Initially the learners solved sums in the graph book by counting the cms square and later sums of higher digits and different units were given to solve. 

Practice Math for IMO 

Note-International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) will be conducted tomorrow.

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