Grade 3 Music Curriculum

Grade 3 Music Curriculum

Hello one and all,

In the second half of the academic year, Grade 3 students will learn about the Ostinato. An Ostinato is a repetition of one particular pattern of rhythm or melody. So students will learn about rhythmic Ostinato and melodic Ostinato. Students will also get to explore different rhythm patterns. Students will also explore some new percussion instruments from wastage materials or non musical objects like plastic tubs, china clay bowl, any iron or stainless steel materials, different wooden material etc…  Students will also use some classroom instruments during the whole unit.


As the final product of their all learning and according to their level of understanding, they will form a band and perform a combination of rhythmic and melodic Ostinato to an audience.


So parents get ready for a blasting performance by your own little musical masters. Till then, keep listening to good music and enjoy life to the fullest.

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