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Day: December 5, 2012

Grade 6 Music Curriculum

Grade 6 Music Curriculum

Hello Everyone,

In the first half Grade 6 students have done two activities, writing lyrics and composing and these activities were their group tasks. Now in the second half of the academic year, in addition, students will learn basic techniques of recording and also work on their first two activities on an individual basis. The final recording of their composed poem or song will be their final product, showcasing their learning and understanding.


Their summative assessment will be done on the basis of their final recording.


The big picture behind conducting these activities is that students should have the knowledge of the three major aspects of music: lyrics writing, composing and recording, so in future if they will compose any song or poem they can have a genuine back up of it to work further on their own product.


So parents get ready to hear some new exciting songs, composed and arranged by these young musical masters.


Till then keep listening to good music and enjoy life to the fullest.

Highlights :- 5th November 2012

Highlights :- 5th November 2012


Math:- Students did sums on finding the perimeter of irregular shapes. Initially they did in graph book by counting the cms square and later sums of higher digits and different units were given to solve.

Note for students who are appearing for IMO:- This is just a reminder about the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). IMO, as posted on the blog earlier, has been pre ponded from 13th December to 6th December (i.e tomorrow). 

Grade 3 Music Curriculum

Grade 3 Music Curriculum

Hello one and all,

In the second half of the academic year, Grade 3 students will learn about the Ostinato. An Ostinato is a repetition of one particular pattern of rhythm or melody. So students will learn about rhythmic Ostinato and melodic Ostinato. Students will also get to explore different rhythm patterns. Students will also explore some new percussion instruments from wastage materials or non musical objects like plastic tubs, china clay bowl, any iron or stainless steel materials, different wooden material etc…  Students will also use some classroom instruments during the whole unit.


As the final product of their all learning and according to their level of understanding, they will form a band and perform a combination of rhythmic and melodic Ostinato to an audience.


So parents get ready for a blasting performance by your own little musical masters. Till then, keep listening to good music and enjoy life to the fullest.

A feild trip to SARTHANA ZOO Sr. KG Ignite

A feild trip to SARTHANA ZOO Sr. KG Ignite


It’s time to go zoo and learn about animals.

We went to zoo near Varachha Last Saturday we were 4 classes together. Learners were enthusiastic and curious to see animals around them. There we saw many varieties of animals, birds, reptiles in the zoo. This trip gave them an opportunity to inquire a lot about animals.

So Parents, get ready to know what your child have learn from zoo.

Please read a lot of books related to animals and arouse curiosity in your child about animals…..

Here are some of the pics