Highlights and homework:- 6th December 2012

Highlights and homework:- 6th December 2012


UOI:-  Going ahead with the discussion of energy, students were introduced to the two states of energy i.e “Kinetic” and “Potential” by explaining through objects like rubber band, torch, battery, ball, hand-made pendulum etc . We led the discussion further as how potential energy gets converted into kinetic and vice versa. This was led through the conversion of deriving the definition of Potential (Potential energy is the stored energy) and Kinetic energy (Energy in motion). This helped them to conceptualize that all objects whether living or non-living possess energy either in the potential or the kinetic state.

Language:- Tuning in activity of “Matilda”/”George’s Marvelous medicine” was done by grouping students and giving each group a photo copy of the cover page of the reader. A certain set of questions were given which they had to individually answer by looking the cover page. Later they were asked to write down any 2 questions which they wanted to know about “Matilda”/”George’s Marvelous medicine” as the reader.


1. Poem no 2 “Its finally Friday” – Read the poem and answer the questions. (Complete the incomplete work in the poem book.)

Note:- Students are requested to bring a scale as well as a dictionary everyday with them from tomorrow onward.

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