Launching ‘Eco Club’ at FS…

Launching ‘Eco Club’ at FS…

Dear Students,

At our school we are starting ‘Eco Club’…

Luckily we have school which is located at very soothing and natural surroundings, which would provide best platform for ‘Eco Club’.

As this is the first ‘Club’ initiated in school, the members of this club would have great responsibilities to make it a huge success and set an example. [For now, we are introducing ‘Eco Club’ in Middle years (Grade 7, 8 and 9) only]

So, for a start we are going to have selection of ‘Members’ based on your creative activities and Ideas during ‘Nature Camp’.

Following are some sample activities you can undertake during Nature Camp…

  • ‘Biodiversity Chart’ of your camp
  • Collage of pictures collected related to ecology
  • Interviewing local people and their energy resource
  • Any specific details of local ecological issue – Report on that
  • Quadrant activity

We will have first ‘Eco Club’ meeting after Nature camp, where we will decide Name and Slogan for ‘Eco Club’. So, come up with your creativity on that too.


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