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Day: December 10, 2012

Grade 6, Homework for 10th November, 2012

Grade 6, Homework for 10th November, 2012


Run and Sprint groups: Complete the T-chart based on “Ode to Pablo’s tennis shoes” (page no 18-Poetry work book)

Only for Run group: Write an Ode to an apple in your own words.Refer the poetry workbook for use of imagery in writing an Ode.

Checkpoint Book:
~ Practice Geometry on MindSpark and Mangahigh
We are going for a field trip tomorrow.Carry only the UOI books to class.
Note: Come to school in complete uniform and carry your I-D cards.

Highlights and Homework (10th Dec)

Highlights and Homework (10th Dec)



Students were given introduction to different states of matter (Solids, Liquids and Gases). Various examples were also shared. The structure of an atom was discussed.


More sums on perimeter were solved.


Solve the worksheet on perimeter.



Highlights and homework 10 Dec.’12

Highlights and homework 10 Dec.’12



A read aloud of the book “What is world made of?” was done in the class and through this, learners were introduced to states of matter. This was followed by writing the definitions of the terms like energy, Potential energy, kinetic energy, etc.


Learners were given word problems on perimeter in the class and a discussion was done on “how to solve word problems”. After the discussion, learners solved the problems in their books.


Maths worksheet

1 page of Language writing

Highlights and Homework of December 10

Highlights and Homework of December 10

Day 3


UOI- Read aloud of the book ‘ Energy makes things happen’ by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley and ‘Faster than an Eyeblink-How electricity gets to you was done. The learners were introduced to the terms ‘atoms’ ‘Protons’ ‘electrons’ ‘neutrons’ ‘charge’ ‘nucleus’
Math- Sums on missing Length/breath/perimeter of regular and irregular shapes were solved.


Math- A worksheet on Perimeter sums
UOI- Answer the following questions:-
1) What do you understand by the term ‘Energy’?
2) Define Potential Energy?
3) Define Kinetic Energy?
4)  Give 5 examples of Kinetic Energy?
5) Give 5 examples of Potential Energy?
6) State one example of highest Potential and Kinetic Energy?

Keep Reading and maintaining the reading log 🙂



Reflection of the day- 10/12/2012

Reflection of the day- 10/12/2012

Dear parents,

Here is the reflection of the day 10-12-2012:


U.O.I:- Seen video of interview with KEN SPILLMEN and focused on 2nd LOI – HOW AUTHORS AND ILLUSTRATORS WORK TOGETHER.


LANGUAGE: Worksheet on character study of CAT IN THE HAT.

Practiced Wiggles.


Note: Issued class library books.


Thanks & regards,

Shivani Dharia

Grade 1 Concord. 🙂

Pictures of Night Out

Pictures of Night Out

Grade 2 Night Out

1st December, 2012 – The whole day the students were very excited about the night out. It was very much difficult for the teachers to keep a hold on their excitement. The night out started with a snack break and then the students proceeded towards the football ground and all the sections together played the star game. Students enthusiastically danced on the floor on all the numbers along with all the teachers. The students had a feeling of home away from home in the school with their friends and teachers. Some of the students were missing their parents but the other classmates were supportive enough to cheer them up.  Time flew by and we had to return back home. We shall always relish the time we spent together and look forward to such events.

Important Note for Parents [Nursery]

Important Note for Parents [Nursery]

Dear Parents,

As a part of our ongoing unit of play, we are going for one day picnic to Ishwar Kripa Garden near Kadodara on 14th December 2012. Drop off and Pick up bus stop is Vanita Vishram ground. Students are supposed to assemble at7:50a.m.The buses will leave sharp at 8:00 a.m. and will return back at 1:00 p.m. Please be punctual.

  • Students should come in complete uniform along with their I-cards.
  • Things to be carried:-
  • One fruit and heavy meal(lunch)
  • Water Bottle
  • Napkins
  • Extra pairs of clothes
  • Cap
  • Only one toy if your child wishes to bring, label it. Students have to take care of their own toy and if it is misplaced then teacher will not be responsible for it.
  • During the drop off please see that you hand over your child to teacher and leave immediately. This is to avoid traffic jam at the bus stop which would create inconvenience to the other vehicles using the same route.
  • If any other person apart from the student parents comes to pick up the student, he/she will be handed over only after bearer card is produced.
Activity for parent and child:
This week we are introducing blue color in class we want you all to prepare a collage for blue color. You can make it on chart paper, thermocol sheet, cardboard, etc. Stick pictures or draw different objects of blue color and ensure that your child participates with you in making the picture collage.
for e.g. you can take a picture of river, blue cloud, blue car, bag, clothes, fish, etc.
Please send it on Next Tuesday [i.e. 18/12/2012] as learners will do show and tell activity for the same.


Nursery Team

Highlights of the Week (3rd December-10th December)

Highlights of the Week (3rd December-10th December)


(1) Introduced verb tenses and solved a worksheet in class.

(2) Paragraph Writing through Burger Graphic Organizer

Students were given three topics and they had to select one and write a paragraph on it.

* If I had a pet

* My first airplane trip

* If I had a robot

(3) Video Writing Prompts

Showed the video of Angry Birds and based on the video the learners had  to answer the given questions.

(4) Dictation was taken.




Solved word problems of mixed operations.



(1) Field Trips

The learners were taken for field trips to Science Center and Surat Darshan and reflection on the same was taken. Also the Central Idea, TDT Skills, Lines of Inquiry and Concepts were derived.

The learners were also shown a movie on the city SURAT.


The learners were taught how to conduct a research.