Highlights and Homework of Dec 11

Highlights and Homework of Dec 11

Day 4


UOI- Read aloud of the book ‘What is the world made of-Solid, Liquid , gas’ was taken and the learners were explained the meaning of the term ‘water vapour’ and more about the three states of matter through different experiments . Discussion about matter and atoms structure and its three parts ‘Protons’ ‘Electrons’ ‘Neutrons’ was also explained again. Language: Introduction of the reader Matilda/ George’s Marvellous Medicine was done and the learners answered few questions asked in the lang note- book.

Math- The learners solved word problems related to perimeter of regular shapes.

Math: Word Problems on Perimeter
Lang: Worksheet on Predicting story
UOI: Answer the questions on states of matter
1) What are non-living things made of?
2) Name the three states of matter with three examples each?
3) What are Atoms?
4) What charge do Protons, Electrons and Neutrons have?
5) Define Electricity?
6) Somethings are mixture of solid, Liquid ,Gas . Name/Draw it.
7) Water is a special type of matter that can change its state easily? Draw/Explain how? Lang: Worksheet- Predict the story

Note: 12th and 13th Dec are holidays

Keep Reading and maintaining the reading logs 🙂

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