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Day: December 14, 2012



  • Tuning In: Mozart music was played and students were asked to move around in the three different corners made in class. One corner was having poster of awareness, second poster of information and third poster of advertisement. Students were asked to select one corner and stand as soon as the music stops. They were given colorful post it in which they were asked to write why they like the picture in the corner where they stood. Discuss about posters and asking them to observe different types of posters while going back home.
  • Learning different types of posters.
    • Posters of awareness-: Save electricity, save trees, save water etc.
    • Posters of information-: Diwali Mela, Book Fair, Handicraft Fair etc.
    • Posters of advertisements-: Opening of a new mall, advertisement of a toy shop.
  • Assessment-: Designing any one type of poster on a given topic.
Nature camp to Padamdungri- Explore, Wonder and Dream

Nature camp to Padamdungri- Explore, Wonder and Dream

Hello Parents,

We are sure, you are waiting for the pictures of the nature camp. Children had fun in the camp. We had 41 children in our batch. The major attraction of the whole trip was “River bath”. It was fun to see the children in their tiny clothes splashing in the river. They just could not stop having fun in splashing water over the teachers.

We had adventure activities like “under and over the rope”, “flying fox”, “valley crossing” and trek in the forest. Children had fun singing the poem- “jaipur na raja” at night, taught by the nature club volunteers. Teachers were awake till 3:30 am at night and there were all giggling and whispering noise coming from the children’s tent. “Mam aa rahi hai…..ehhhh Mam is coming…ssshhh” was heard from most of their tents.

Children were so enthusiastic in the trip that they woke up at 5 am on the next day and had their exercise session early in the morning.

Here are the pictures of our gala time at the camp. 🙂

Recap of the day – 14/12/2012

Recap of the day – 14/12/2012


(1) Took Dictation - Most of the learners did not learn the new words. Tomorrow again dictation will be taken.

(2) Culminating Activity of the reader – The characters of the reader were listed on the board and the learners had to select a character and write down the actions, what that character says, feelings of that character and the appearance of that character based on the reader.

Show and Tell Activity

The learners had bought an object from home and they had to describe the object in detail. They were judged on the following criteria s : Content, Clarity, Audibility, Vocabulary and Body Language. The pictures related to the event are as bellow:

20121214_114456 20121214_115851 20121214_115932 20121214_115940 20121214_115955 20121214_120327 20121214_120700 20121214_120910

The same will be continued tomorrow for the students who were not able to do it today.


 Lang Grammar W.B. Pg 4,5,21 (On Page 21 only Fill ups with is, am, are)

Tomorrow again dictation will be taken.




Dholavira Field Trip

Dholavira Field Trip

The long awaited field trip of this year was indeed a successful one. Students learned not just about the ancient Harappan civilization but also learned to face real life situations that come across during long travels.

Our first day started off by arriving at Samaikhyali station at 5am from where we took 6 Jeeps to the Jain Dharamshala for breakfast and refreshments. After sunrise, we headed straight for the Rann of Kutch which took about 4 hours to reach. But the trip was worth the effort as it was a mesmerizing sight for all of us.  The beauty of nature was at its peak as we saw the sleek layer of salt portraying itself as snow. Students got a chance to play and taste it. Some of the curious students dug up a hole from which water emerged. It was indeed an exciting discovery for them to have found water coming out of the ground. Later on, we arrived to the Toran Hotel to settle in and refresh ourselves. After having lunch, we headed towards the BCF camp site where the head of paramilitary gave us a brief up on the area. Students got to know that we were just 42kms away from Pakistan and the area was under watch 24hrs by the battalions. Next, we moved towards the Wood Fossil Park with a tour guide who accompanied us throughout. Students witnessed one of the most interesting acts of nature as they saw the wood turned into stone and the beautiful fossils and remains. As the closure of the days, students hiked up the mountain to see the evening sunset. After we went back to our hotel, students got into groups and were given reading material to prep them for their next day. They also had to come up with a role play presentation to show their understanding.

Our second day started up early at 6am with morning exercises and then breakfast. We then took a short walk to the museum and the Harappan excavation site. Our guide took us on tour through the whole site explaining each aspect of the  layout and the town planning. Students were enthralled to have history come to life as they could see, feel, and touch the each architecture. Students took notes and filled up their organizers as they learned new information. After the tour, students visited the museum to see the artefacts such as pots, beads, ornaments, terracotta pipes, toys etc. Students then went back for lunch, packed up their bags and while going back, once again stopped at the Rann of Kutch to do their prepared presentations. Then while going back to the station, we took a quick halt to see the 500 windmills that generate electricity. Finally, we stopped by a restaurant to have dinner and went straight to the station. That wraps up our fun filled and an exciting journey that we all will surely remember for the rest of our lives.

Highlights and Homework of Dec 14

Highlights and Homework of Dec 14

Day 5

UOI- PPT on Electricity and Forms of Energy were shown and explained.
Lang- Read aloud and explanation of Chapter 1 of the reader Matilda/George’s Marvellous Medicine was done in the class.
Discussions of homework of the worksheets given this week and Diwali hw was discussed and the learners cleared their doubts for the same.

Descriptive Writing “A Snowy Day” (Use of 5 senses)
A Math worksheet
Read Ch 1 of the reader, write the meanings of new words in your Index Diary and learn them

Keep Reading and accomplishing your goals 🙂



UOI: Mentioned below are the links for your reference. Have a look as tomorrow we’ll be discussing on the same.

Dholavira : A Futuristic Metropolis of the past


Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization (Mohenjo-daro)

Math: Mentioned below are the links for practice.

1. Adding feet and Inches

2. Subtracting Feet and Inches

3. Finding Hours and minutes

4. Subtracting of Days and Hours

Click on the link mentioned below and solve the word problems in your Math notebook


Grade 6, Homework for 14th December, 2012

Grade 6, Homework for 14th December, 2012

(For Aryabhatta and Pythagoras):
From the above link practice following topics under angles:

First learn by clicking on “Teach me now” and then go to “Play the game” option.

~Opposite angles
~Corresponding angles
~Alternate angles

Also find out how knowing these various types of angles can help humans. Where can this understanding be applied? (Write in your Math notebook)
Only for Pythagoras:
Checkpoint book : Ex.17.4 (Q.No. 4 to 10)
Write two odes on topics of your choice in your language notebook.

Highlights and Homework (14th Dec)

Highlights and Homework (14th Dec)


Math:- A couple of word problems with proper statements and working with formula was done in the class on the board to help the students interpret the word problem and comprehend it. Later they were asked to solve the remaining problems in the class by themselves.

UOI:- An introduction to the various forms of energy was done. Going further with the discussion on the same, the 1st LOI was scaffolded on the base of which the key concept was taken out by the students.

Language:- Chapter no 1 of Matilda and George’s Marvelous medicine was read aloud. Students working on Matilda were asked to comprehend the profile of the Matilda and predict her future.


1. Word problems on perimeter (Statements, working and formula is to be compulsorily shown)

2. For students who are working on Matilda or George’s marvelous medicine, needs to fetch out the new words from the 1st chapter and write those words with their meaning in the index diary(Bring the index book tomorrow without fail).

3.  For the students who have not completed perimeter classwork problems, needs to complete and bring it tomorrow without fail.

4. For the students who have not completed “Matilda” class worksheet, needs to complete and bring it tomorrow without fail.