AHA Moment

AHA Moment

Hello bloggers.

10/12/12, day 3 was AS (ARTS special) class.

Some sections of Grade 2 had gone for a field trip so there 5 were students in our Vocals class. All were aware that the teachers would not start with anything new as the others were away, so they asked if they could explore another section of music. With we accepted students’ request and decided to take them to the Percussion classes.

Sachin sir, I and Priti mam, we all were amazed by the inquiry which poured in. My AS Vocals class was turned into a PYP Music class. They were attentive towards Sachin sir’s instructions.

Here are some questions the students asked:


  • Which is the more important Tabla? The bigger one or smaller one?
  • Why this instrument is called a Tabla?
  • What is Baaya and what is daaya?
  • Why Baaaya and Daaya are made of different materials?
  • Which other possible material can be used to make Tabla?
  • Why there are 2 cymbals while there is only one in the other?
  • Why you have kept this yellow cloth on this particular drum?
  • Why these tapes are stuck on this drum?
  • In this drum kit how do you manage to play these different drums together? Can you give us a small demo?
  • How is the paddle used in the drum kit?

After listening these questions from students, I think once in a while in Music AS classes we should conduct these impromptu sessions. This way we’ll come to know how much students know about related concepts of Music .

I feel happy to share this AHA moment with you all and look forward to reading your comments.

Stay tuned and keep listening to good music.

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