Highlights and Homework (14th Dec)

Highlights and Homework (14th Dec)


Math:- A couple of word problems with proper statements and working with formula was done in the class on the board to help the students interpret the word problem and comprehend it. Later they were asked to solve the remaining problems in the class by themselves.

UOI:- An introduction to the various forms of energy was done. Going further with the discussion on the same, the 1st LOI was scaffolded on the base of which the key concept was taken out by the students.

Language:- Chapter no 1 of Matilda and George’s Marvelous medicine was read aloud. Students working on Matilda were asked to comprehend the profile of the Matilda and predict her future.


1. Word problems on perimeter (Statements, working and formula is to be compulsorily shown)

2. For students who are working on Matilda or George’s marvelous medicine, needs to fetch out the new words from the 1st chapter and write those words with their meaning in the index diary(Bring the index book tomorrow without fail).

3.  For the students who have not completed perimeter classwork problems, needs to complete and bring it tomorrow without fail.

4. For the students who have not completed “Matilda” class worksheet, needs to complete and bring it tomorrow without fail.

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