Parking Concerns for the Early Years Sports Day

Parking Concerns for the Early Years Sports Day

Dear Parents,

Subject:Parking Concerns for the Early Years Sports Day

You must have received the invitation for the Early Years sports day on 17th December, Monday. We hope that you are as excited to attend the same as your children are to participate in the same. There’s one aspect that we need to make you aware of – the parking constraints.

School will be working normally for primary and middle years students on the day and our school buses will be parked inside for them. So due to space limitations, we will be able to accommodate less than 200 cars for the event, where as there are 326 students participating. So clearly, we will not be able to accommodate all the cars.

For this reason and to conserve fuel, we request EVERYONE to Carpool. Many of you could carpool from home itself – and some of you could do so halfway to the school – for e.g. you could park appropriately near Subhash Garden and carpool from there – thereby retaining flexibility as well.

To further avoid parking issues, we have allocated 3 parking areas for parents. Please refer to the layout sent to you for the car parking. Parking will be given as per the following order and conditions:

  1. School premises:The first 80 cars will be allowed to park inside the school premises – provided car pooling is done and a minimum of 4 adults are in the car.
  2. On the main road:The next set of cars will have to be parked outside on roads. Please make sure cars are parked only on the Left hand side toavoid inconvenience caused to nearby villagers. Towing van will be stationed on the road and cars will be towed if they are parked on the righthand side of the road.
  3. New Sports Complex: The 3rd parking area will be the new sports ground which is about 500 m from the school gate. Cars with drivers WILL BE ASKED to park their cars in this area.

We will also take this opportunity to remind you of the basic rules that you are expected to follow:

  • No honking: The school and surroundings areas are a no-honking zone. Please DO NOT honk under any circumstances. The school staff is there to guide you.

  • 15 kmph speed limit: You must drive at less than 15 kmph speed within the school boundary as children and parents use the road. Your child could also be at risk if you cross this speed limit.

  • Fine: We will impose a fine of Rs 500/- on any parent who has honked the horn or crossed the speed limit. The school staff /security would be authorized to take the fine immediately and in case of refusal to pay the fine the car will not be allowed to move out of the school premises.

We request you to treat all the school staff including the support staff (security, drivers and conductors) with courtesy. Please adhere to the rules outlined above for the safety and convenience of all of us.

Looking forward to an exciting sports day,


Fountainhead School

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