Recap of the day – 14/12/2012

Recap of the day – 14/12/2012


(1) Took Dictation - Most of the learners did not learn the new words. Tomorrow again dictation will be taken.

(2) Culminating Activity of the reader – The characters of the reader were listed on the board and the learners had to select a character and write down the actions, what that character says, feelings of that character and the appearance of that character based on the reader.

Show and Tell Activity

The learners had bought an object from home and they had to describe the object in detail. They were judged on the following criteria s : Content, Clarity, Audibility, Vocabulary and Body Language. The pictures related to the event are as bellow:

20121214_114456 20121214_115851 20121214_115932 20121214_115940 20121214_115955 20121214_120327 20121214_120700 20121214_120910

The same will be continued tomorrow for the students who were not able to do it today.


 Lang Grammar W.B. Pg 4,5,21 (On Page 21 only Fill ups with is, am, are)

Tomorrow again dictation will be taken.




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