Highlights and Homework of Dec 15

Highlights and Homework of Dec 15

Day 1
The learners were taken for a field trip to Eco farm where they came to know more about Solar Energy and Electricity. They saw the Solar cooker, Solar lantern, Solar Panel, wind mills and 24 batteries in which Solar Energy is stored. They got knowledge about how electricity is generated from Solar Energy and where and how electricity is stored. Later, they played the game ‘Fruit Salad’ and reflected on the same.
Click on the link to view the PPT- Presentation_electricity

Lang- Read Ch 1 of the reader, write the meanings of new words in the Index Diary and make sentences of 10 words in your Practice note-book
Math- Worksheet on Perimeter
UOI- Paragraph writing- Field trip to the Eco farm in the UOI note-book

Note- School will start at 8:50 am on Monday

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