Important Note for Jr.KG Parents

Important Note for Jr.KG Parents

Dear Parents,

From next week onwards we will be starting with assessments of language and math, so please avoid to take leaves.

You must have received the invitation for the Early Years sports day on 17th December, Monday. We hope that you are as excited to attend the same as your children are to participate in the same. Student will come school by bus only and will leave with parents after the event. Students will be handed  only after the parents races will get over.

There’s one aspect that we need to make you aware of – the parking constraints.

School will be working normally for primary and middle years students on the day and our school buses will be parked inside for them. So due to space limitations, we will be able to accommodate less than 200 cars for the event, where as there are 326 students participating. So clearly, we will not be able to accommodate all the cars.

For this reason and to conserve fuel, we request EVERYONE to Carpool. Many of you could carpool from home itself – and some of you could do so halfway to the school – for e.g. you could park appropriately near Subhash Garden and carpool from there – thereby retaining flexibility as well.


Jr.KG Team



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