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Day: December 15, 2012

Gujarati HW for 2nd week of the month December 2012

Gujarati HW for 2nd week of the month December 2012

Dear parents,

“જો તમને શાળાએ આવવાનું મોડું થાય તો? ………..” Make small story after this line in your own words and present it orally in their respective class.

Highlights and homework :- 15th December 2012

Highlights and homework :- 15th December 2012


UOI:- To develop the curiosity in students, they were taken on a field trip to the “Nature camp site”. Here they saw the working of a solar cooker, how solar panels and windmill is used to generate and store (in batteries)  electricity as well as how it helps in pumping out the  underground water. They were also explained the process of how thermal power stations work and produce electricity. Later, they played a game named “Fruit salad” through which verbal reflections of the field trip was taken.


1. 2 worksheets on perimeter.

2. Descriptive writing on “A snowy day” using the 5 senses (20-25 line with proper introduction, content and ending).

Important note:- Students will be reaching the school at 8:50 am on Monday i.e 17th December and leave at 3:30 pm. The circular in regards to bus routes and its timings has been already attached and given with the sports circular. Kindly refer to the same. 



Math: Complete the given worksheet on ” Measurement”.

UOI: Complete all the 3 organizers given before visiting “Dholavira”; and the comprehension worksheet given today.

Language: Read and recite the mentioned below poems and complete the related exercises too. (For those who have already done, kindly revise all the questions again)

1. My Shadow

2. Daffodils


4. The Brook

[ Reminder: Complete all your pending assignments by Monday]

Highlights of the weeks (3/12/12 – 15/12/12)

Highlights of the weeks (3/12/12 – 15/12/12)

Dear Parents:

Kindly excuse me for sending the highlights after a break due to some technical and personal issues. SORRY!

This is the detailed highlights of the past days as mentioned above:

UOI: (1) Learners were taken for the field trip to Science center Museum and Surat Darshan to observe the historical pictures, articles and other things to know the history of ‘SURAT”. They also watched a movie on the History of Surat. During Surat Darshan they visited Old monuments, castle, fort, Andrew’s Library, Chintamani Jain temple and English Cementry at Katargam. After the field trip students wrote their reflections on their visits.

2) The students unpacked the Central Idea by using  Graphic organizer (Bulb). They also thought of the concepts that we are going to focus on for the current unit.

3) They were also introduced to the research steps that they are going to learn and implement for their research skills for the current unit. The students were also asked to follow those steps and try to do the research on ‘Surat’.

4) During the Nature Camp they were also introduced with ‘Urban, Sub-urban & Rural’ areas covering one of the LOI of the Unit.

MATH:   Learner attempted simple mixed word problems. They were also asked to practice daily at least two word problems  to increase their speed and get right answer soon. Repeated practice was also given for the same in the class.

LANGUAGE:  (1) Learners were introduced with verb tenses by showing them video with examples. They also solved the worksheets on verb tenses. Students also saw videos on ‘angry birds’ and ‘nimo‘ and wrote a paragraph on them using their imagination. Gave new spellings and took dictation on it.

(2) The learners played verb games using flash cards and made maximum correct sentences in the given time. They enjoyed the activity very much.

3) The implementation of reemphasizing one grammar strand as the exit card strategy was also done and the students were asked to use them in sentences to help learners to speak well in English.

(4) They also wrote ‘Paragraph Writing’ through the Burger Graphic Organizer. Students were explained well the imp. points to take into consideration while writing a paragraph on any topic. The points were – introduction,   detail 1, detail 2, detail 3, and conclusion.  After the explanation, discussion and understanding the graphic organizer, learners were given three topics and they had to select any one and write a paragraph on it. The topics were ( If I had a pet.   /  My first airplane trip.  /   If I had a robot.)

(5) Culminating Activity of the reader for the Summative Assessment : – The characters of the reader were listed on the board and the learners had to select any one  character from the list and write down the actions of that character, what that character says, feelings of that character and the appearance of that character based on their reader.

(6) Show and Tell Activity:The learners described the objects in detail that they had bought from home as per the prior instructions given. For this activity they were  judged on the following criteria s : Content, Clarity, Audibility, Vocabulary and Body Language.

ICT: Worked on research tools i.e how to make a proper research on a particular topic.The learners were taught how to conduct a research.

Today’s H.W (15/12/12) :

(1) Lang:– Do pg. 10, 30 & 31 in the lang grammar workbook.

(2) Math:– Do 2 mixed word problems in your note book.

(3) C.W:– Write 1 pg. in your c.w book with neat handwriting.

Kindly Note: Daily check your child’s recap and the H.W done by your child in the respective book / subject & also sign it with pencil so that we can clear the child’s mistakes or doubts at the same time.

Thank you. 

Highlights of the week (10th December to 15th December)

Highlights of the week (10th December to 15th December)

UOI: After the field trip learner were asked to connect their understanding  with the TDT through reflection and discussion. They have tried to make central idea and also discussed the concepts focused during their field trip. They have discussed about characteristics of Surat and reason why Surat is unique. Learners were discussed about urban, sub urban and rural areas of the Surat through discussion.

Language: Learners were asked to write down past, present and future tenses of given verb in the class. They have also given their assessment of language in the form of culminating activity. They were given a character map and asked to chose any one character from the the book (Barenatain Bear and the big road race and Bareanstain Bear Tells the truth). They brainstorm all the character first and listed down on the board. They have to write about action, feelings, says and appearance of the character.

Math:Learners solved mixed operation word problems.

Anti-bullying: Learners revised types of bullying. They were asked to observe the picture on LCD and try to find out which types of bullying were their in the picture. They have done one worksheet based on the verbal bullying.

Show and Tell activity: (Literary Event)

Learners were asked to bring any object from the home and told to describe it in their own words in a stipulated time.


Highlights of the day- 15th Dec’12

Highlights of the day- 15th Dec’12

UOI- Learners discussed the difference between a rural area and an urban area and wrote in their notebook.

Language- Learners did a worksheet on Verb Tenses and checked answers in the class.

H.W- Grammar w.b- pg- 4, 5 and 16.

Children who were left for “show and tell” as part of the literary event, did it today. Here are the pictures of children with their objects.



Recap of the day (15/12/2012)

Recap of the day (15/12/2012)

Math: Learners solved 2 mixed operations word problems in their c.w.

UOI: Learners were asked to frame their own central ideas and predict the key concepts on the basis of the knowledge that they gathered from the field trips and classroom discussions.

Show and Tell: The learners had bought an object from home and they had to describe the object in detail. They were judged on the following criteria s : Content, Clarity, Audibility, Vocabulary and Body Language. The pictures related to the event are as bellow:

20121215_110755 20121215_110818 20121215_111049 20121215_111803 20121215_111829 20121215_111950

Single Subject : Library, PE, AS


Lang Grammar W.B. – Pg 39,40

Paragraph Writing:

(1) Enjoyable Nightout

(2) Amazing trip to Padamdungri