Importatnt Notice

Importatnt Notice

Dear Parents,

Following are the research steps that the learners will use to conduct research for the current UOI. The learners have been explained these steps in detail. We have also sent a hard copy for the same today.

Research steps-

1. Define your subject

  • Start the subject by asking yourself, what do you want to find out?

  • Brainstorming about the subject- Make a list of what you already know-

  • List down the keywords that you would use to undertake your research.

e.g. Form: Describe the recognizable features of Surat that can be observed, identified and described.

Causation: Why is Surat unique? What are the actions and events that have happened in the past that make Surat different from other cities.

  • Gather your tools- journal, scrap book, internet, reference books, magazines, newspaper articles…

2. Search your information- Use the resources you have gathered.

What if you can’t find anything- see the tricks- like 5 fingers- if you see a website, article or a book, where you can’t understand more than 5 words/sentences then that website, article or book is not relevant for you.

  1. Make notes – You can include facts and photos. It is mandatory to include bibliography. Bibliography means a list of sources from where you have gathered your information.


Interesting Facts

List down the sources from where you have collected your information

List down the interesting facts that you find out from these sources.

4. Organise your information –

Arrange the information that you have gathered in a proper sequence in which you would like to present.

5. Conclusion:

Conclude your topic by writing down your learning from the research that you have done.

6. Share what you have learned-

Sharing of your research findings using information collected so far in your scrap book.

Besides Google, you can also use these search engines for researching on the net.

The following is the website which has been used as a reference, to prepare these research steps:

The students can use their scrap book for noting down the points during their research.

The students can select one of the following places for their research:



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