Recap of the day (17/12/12)

Recap of the day (17/12/12)

Lang: Verb Tenses worksheet solved in class.

Math: 2 Mixed Operations word problems were solved in a worksheet (the other 2 sums of the same worksheet are been given as h.w)

UOI: The central idea and the key concepts of the current UOI were revised and the learners wrote the description of the concepts in their notebook.

ICT: The learners conducted a research on Kashmir on the basis of the research steps that taught to them. They wrote their research findings in the book.

NOTE: The notebook has been sent home so that you can review the research that the learners did. 

Read Aloud: Read aloud was done and the Learner Profile and Attitude were guessed by the learners.


Math:  Sum no. 3 and 4 of the same worksheet that was done in the class. 

Research Steps: Circular given.

Verb Tenses: A sheet has been given that includes all the rules that will help the learners to understand verb tenses in detail.

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