Highlights of the days- 17/12/12 and 18/12/12

Highlights of the days- 17/12/12 and 18/12/12

UOI- Learners were taught about research method in their ICT class. The steps of the research were taught with example of Kashmir in ICT period. Learners practiced finding information on Kashmir on www.kidrex.org (search engine for kids).

It is explained to the learners about their Summative Assessment where, they will be researching on a given place in their scrap book. It is their Assessment so parents are requested not to help them in any way. 

Learners will research in school in ICT period as well as in library. They are given a paper where in the research steps and guidelines are there to make their information organised.

LANGUAGE- Worksheets on verb tenses are given for practice. A comprehension is also done in classwork from the workbook.

A handout of verb tenses was also given to the children for their reference.

MATH- Word problems with 2 operation worksheet was done (2 sums in C.W and 2 sums in H.W)

Homework on 18th Dec’12- Verb tenses worksheet.

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