Researching independently is so much fun

Researching independently is so much fun

Language:-  Students did comprehension in their  comprehension workbook with the HRT’S assistance.

The students read aloud from a book of their choice, keeping the reading criteria in mind—clarilty, audibility, voice modulation, fluency. They got to understand the importance of reading, and the fun of listening to a story.

Math:-  H/W Checking of the two word problems given at home.

UOI:-  The students were  given the  scrap book  to write their findings.

They have already chosen a city on which they want to research. They have listed it in their scrap book.

The students were made to write the criteria in the scrap book.

They also wrote the supportive concept based questions to carry out their research.

Life Education:- A quick revision of their understanding of three types of bullying was taken up.

The students viewed 4 pictures displaying emotional and verbal bullying.

An interactive discussion was conducted on the pictures displayed. The students reflection was collectively put up on a chart.


Parents are requested to stick the research guidelines on the last page of the scrap book, as a check list for their research steps which was sent across yesterday with the students.

The parents are requested to support and guide the students to enhance their research skills rather than do it for them.

As the students are already doing it in the school since past fortnight , the students are well versed with the format of research

The parents are also requested to use the PCM paper to help the students to explain certain criteria listed in the scrap book.

Thank you.

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