19/12/2012 Grade 8 Language Assignment

19/12/2012 Grade 8 Language Assignment

Task type: Non research based

Estimated duration: 60-80 minutes

Date of submission: 24/12/2012

Word limit: 250-300 words

Honour in Defeat

1. Santiago was considered a failure by many of the local people.  He hadn’t caught a fish in years and his only friend was his young apprentice named Manolin.  In what seemed like a moment of redemption, Santiago was given the opportunity to catch one of the largest and greatest fish he had ever seen.  In the end though, all the old man had to show for his brave battle with the great fish were damaged hands, a broken boat, and the skeleton of the marlin that almost ended the old man’s life.  Even after going on his long voyage and fighting to survive on the ocean, he still came back empty handed…

Or did he gain something else? Explain your answer in detail with suitable arguments and instances.

2. The Old Man fought bravely and captured the fish of his dreams only to have it taken away from him in the end.  Have you ever fought for something only to have it taken away?  How did it make you feel? Strive to establish a connection between the reader and your life.


  • It is mandatory to attempt both the questions.
  • Creative integration of Hemingway’s use of dialogue, setting, and description in the answers.
  • Relating understanding of the character with personal understanding of honour, perspective and style.
  • Adherence to language quality and grammar conventions.
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