Getting a hang on creative writing.

Getting a hang on creative writing.



Dictation:  Months of the year.

Writing a small paragraph on the topic -“My favorite sport” or ” How I enjoyed the sports day” .

The learners could put their thoughts on the paper withpout help . They needed support to organise their thoughts, for which we revisited the criteria to write the paragraph i,e, beginning (interesting lines), middle (detail) and the conclusion or the end.

Some questions prompts like ” Why did you chose that particular sport?” “What is so interesting about the sport”? “What do you get to learn from your favorite sport?”  Worked  as a guide them to write something interesting.


Learners solved two word problems with mixed operation, in the class, in the  stipulated  time of 30 minutes.The problems were solved in two parts and the  students checked the answer when the  teacher solved it on the  white board.


Learners conducted research on the “form” questions in the ICT lab.

The Students were also made to simultaneously  quote the website on the bibliography page. note. Parents are requested to encourage the same practice at home.



Lang. Tense w/s

UOI: Conduct your research and and note it in your Scrapbook.

The research will be based on the city you have chosen and the concept based questions.

You could start sticking pictures in your scrap book relevant to your topic, on the space allocated.

Start making the cover page for your scrap in a creative way.



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