Grade 6, Homework for 20th December, 2012

Grade 6, Homework for 20th December, 2012


As you all are aware that we would be having a Poetry recitation at the end of the unit on Poetry i.e by 2nd week of January. You need to make a note of the following for the same:

  1. The poem should be original i.e written by you.
  2. You need to get it checked by your respective language teacher and it should be included in your scrap book.
  3. You should be able to recite the poem without referring to any paper or your scrap book, so you should know your poem well.
  4. Poetry is more about expression, so you can dress up as the character in your poem or use props /charts/background with your poem written on it, to make your poem more appealing to the audience.


We will be having a Math quiz on 26th December. The following topics need to revised for the quiz:

  1. Numbers (BODMAS, Rounding, Prime nos, fractions, decimals, percentage)
  2. Integers
  3. Word problems
  4. Polygons and its properties
  5. Transformation
  6. Angles
  7. Point, line and planes
  8. Coordinate geometry
  9. Data handling and graphs
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