Highlights and Homework of Dec 20

Highlights and Homework of Dec 20

Day 5

UOI- . The learners wrote the Procedure writing through a graphic organizer after watching the Video on How Solar Panel works. The Renewable and Non-renewable sources of energy (Definitions & examples) were discussed. They watched ppts and videos on various Renewable and Non-renewable sources of energy,through discussion they were introduced to biomass.
Math- Learners brainstormed about the reason of doing the grid activity for area and later through discussion they were introduced to the formula for finding the area of square and rectangle. The learners solved sums on Area of rectangle and square.
Lang- The learners played ‘Descriptive words game’.
TLIM- The learners made an Acrostic poem on the learner profile “Caring”


A math worksheet on Area and Perimeter
Read and understand the procedure writing of Solar Panel
A worksheet on Ch1 of Matilda

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