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Day: December 20, 2012

3rd Gujarati HW for the December month(Grade 1)

3rd Gujarati HW for the December month(Grade 1)

We have given Gujarati homework of poem” એક હતો ઉંદર “. Students will learn it.  Parents please help your child in preparing this as he/she has to present orally this in respective class.

Homework given date: in respective  class

Recap of the day (20/12/12)

Recap of the day (20/12/12)


(1) Checked the verb tenses worksheet that was sent as h.w. day before yesterday and the   students corrected their mistakes.

(2) Language Assessment taken where the learners were given a reader to read.

(3) Paragraph Writing: The students had to write a paragraph on one of the following topics:

My Favourite Sport  OR How I enjoyed the Sports Day?

The Paragraph was read in the class and learners were made aware of their mistakes

Math: (1) Students solved 2 problems of mixed operations and the other 2 sums of the same worksheet are given as h.w.

Single Subject: Gujarati


Math:  Sum 3 and 4  of the same worksheet that was solved in class.

Lang: Revise the spellings that were given last week.