Recap of the day (20/12/12)

Recap of the day (20/12/12)


(1) Checked the verb tenses worksheet that was sent as h.w. day before yesterday and the   students corrected their mistakes.

(2) Language Assessment taken where the learners were given a reader to read.

(3) Paragraph Writing: The students had to write a paragraph on one of the following topics:

My Favourite Sport  OR How I enjoyed the Sports Day?

The Paragraph was read in the class and learners were made aware of their mistakes

Math: (1) Students solved 2 problems of mixed operations and the other 2 sums of the same worksheet are given as h.w.

Single Subject: Gujarati


Math:  Sum 3 and 4  of the same worksheet that was solved in class.

Lang: Revise the spellings that were given last week.



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