Highlights of 17th to 21st Dec [Nursery]

Highlights of 17th to 21st Dec [Nursery]

Circle Time

  • Revision of all the rhymes done till date.
  • Revision of the words: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

UOI: How we organize ourselves [Transport]

Central idea: Transportation can connect communities near and far.

  • Revision of all modes of transport.
  • Summative Assessment


Various read alouds were done to engage their interest for reading books. The following books were done:

  • Hare and the Totoise
  • Polar bear, Polar bear what do you See? [Author: Eric Carle]

Strand: Viewing [visual]

Activity: Revision of sequencing flash cards of a story

Teacher told the story of “Hare and the tortoise” to the learners through sequencing flashcard. By this story teacher explained that a story has a beginning, middle part and end.

Learners were also asked to sequence the flash cards of the story.

This activity enhanced their listening and viewing skills.

Strand: Oral communication: [Speaking]

  • Show and tell activity of the collage of blue color.
  • Mystery bag activity: Mystery bag was prepared with different objects in it like ball, whistle, hair dryer, keychain, etc.

Learner’s were asked to pick one object from the bag and were suppose to say 2-3 lines on it.


  • Introduction of number 13 and 14.
  • Introduction of Pre math concept full-empty.
  • Revision of backward counting 5-1.
  • Revision of numbers 1-10

Important Note:

  • From next week we’ll be starting with our Math Assessments. Please ensure that your child remains present throughout the week.
  • Revise all the Mathematical operations taught in this term.
  • Please revise the traffic lights and safety rules of transport and discuss how transport connects the communities.

Have a nice weekend!!



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