Sr.KG Kindle- Highlights of the week 17th to 21st Dec

Sr.KG Kindle- Highlights of the week 17th to 21st Dec

Dear Parents,

The highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

Introduction of  reading poem “I see the car” and “Sally goes..”

(The rhyme was read by the students from the board. This helped them in enhancing their reading and oral skill).


Revision of “ag” “ake” “ack” & “ale” word families.

Revision  of sight words Other,more,before, little, where, when, why, who

Fiddle Stick game; Reading high frequency words from the candy sticks.

Sorting word families – train activity.

UOI 4: Central Idea- Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitats.

  • Stamping activity: Sorting animals on the basis of their eating habits. Classifying Herbivores, carnivores and Omnivores animals.
  • Revision of the words like habitat, components of habitat, characteristics of jungle animals, their body features etc. (Tiger, lion, deer, giraffe)
  • Discussion on Characteristics of  Snow  animals-Penguin
    Polar bear
  • Read-a-loud

1.Fish is fish  by Leo Lionni    2.Merry Christmas with animals. 3. Deer at the brook.

4. The black panther

Parents Task:- Talk about different types of animals and how they get their food, what features enable them to survive in their habitat.


  • Revision of half past clock.
  • Number names 1 to 20

Homework :


Writing of backward counting 80-1 in notebook & Worksheet of clock.


Writing of “ale”  word family 5 times in the note book .

Important Note:

  • Revise all the high frequency words and Word family (“ag” “an” “ar”“ake” “ack” & “ale”) .
  • Revise all the mathematical operations(forward – backward, ascending – descending, before – after) till 90.
  • Revise  number names & clock(o’clock and half past).


Nandini Aswani.





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