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Day: December 24, 2012

Admirable efforts

Admirable efforts

Surprise read aloud by Santa for the students in the library!

The students watched a movie on Santa in their library slot.

The students submitted their findings in the scrapbook. It has been reviewed and the NOTE:-

Comments have been put on the sticky  tapes.  the students need to work on it.

The parents are requested to read the recap and sign it .

Research skill is very important part in PYP curriculum.We understand that grade 2 doing research is not easy, so we have sent across the simplified research steps for them to follow.

At this stage we are focusing on the process and not on the product.

Ultimately we will judge their efforts and understanding.


UOI:- Review your work, read your work understand your findings well.

Can you explain it in your own words to your parents?

We will start taking the presentation from Wednesday.

Language:- Learn words for dictation.

Interesting quote from the website of Nirma Tech Institute.

Shared by  Head of Admin DEPT Fountainhead school Mr. Iyer

“If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.”

– Abdul Kalam

Wish you a Merry  Christmas!! You are the Santa of your child.



Recap of the day (24/12/12)

Recap of the day (24/12/12)

UOI:  Students were taken to the library and they did research with the help of reference books.

Learners were made aware of their roles in the x box performance and the script was also read.

Single Subject: PYPA, Hindi


Math: Mixed Operations Worksheet sent

UOI:  Complete the scrap book if not completed.


Highlights of the day- 24th Dec’12

Highlights of the day- 24th Dec’12

Learners are in process of preparing their Summative Assessment in UOI. They researched about their selected place in ICT. They have also started writing in their scrap book about the same.

Learners gave a surprise dictation of 17 words done in past.

New words strip given.

Today’s attraction- We had a SANTA CLAUS in our school who read us a story on Christmas in the library!! 🙂

HW- Complete your scrap book as guided by the teacher and as per your understanding. Math w.s on word problem.



Grade 5- Highlights and Homework, 24/12/12

Grade 5- Highlights and Homework, 24/12/12

UOI -: Today we discussed about the Mesopotamia civilization. The “Ancient Mesopotamia” book was read-aloud. Based on the discussion from this book and the notes given earlier, students are grouped to make a collage on Mesopotamia civilization.  Students also attempted few questions given to them from the notes they have got earlier in their UOI notebook.

HW -: Do the research work on the topic given to you on Mesopotamia civilization. for collage work. You can prepare the notes on the same.

Math -: We discussed the weekend homework. We had a session today on conversion of fractions into decimals. We did few sums based on this in the math notebook.

HW -: Go to the below mentioned link for the practice on metric conversion. You can do these sums in your math notebook.

Metric Conversion Worksheets

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!



24/12/12 Homework Symbiosis

24/12/12 Homework Symbiosis


Write the following in the equivalent decimal form:






Write the following in the equivalent fraction form

0.000061 =

0.0000003 =

0.0752 =


0.0013 =

 4.5 =
0.059 =

0.0223 =

UOI: Answer the mentioned below questions in your UOI book. [ due date for this homework – 21.12.12]

1. What does Mesopotamia mean?

2. What two rivers was Mesopotamia located between?

3. What modern day country is Mesopotamia now?

4. Mesopotamia was located in an area of land known as fertile crescent. Explain

5. The Phoenicians sold a valuable dye of what colour?

6. From where or what did the Phoenicians valuable dye come?

7. What ancient writing form began in Babylon?

8. What was the set of laws called that began in Babylon?

9. What concept was Babylon’s law based on?

Take a quiz and record your scores in your UOI book.

1. Quiz -Mesopotamia

Reference links:

Ancient Mesopotamia

Watch the videos again to clarify your doubts, if any:

Civilization – Mesopotamia 1/6

Civilization – Mesopotamia 2/6

Civilization – Mesopotamia 3/6

Civilization – Mesopotamia 4/6

Civilization – Mesopotamia 5/6

Civilization – Mesopotamia 6/6

Highlights and Homework of December 24

Highlights and Homework of December 24

Day 4
Language:- Read aloud of Ch2 of the reader Matilda/George Marvellous Medicine was done along with the explanation. Further, the learners answered two questions for the same. They watched PPT’s on Simile and Metaphor and did the related activities to build on their understanding. Click on the link below-
Similes and Metaphors
Similes and Metaphors-1
UOI- Discussion of procedure writing of Bio-gas plant
The learners watched a movie on Christmas
Metaphor worksheet
Complete the worksheet on Ch2, Matilda
Read Ch 2 of your reader, write the meaning of new words in the index diary and make sentences from any 10 words in your practice book
Maintain your Reading Log without fail till Dec 25
Learn the Spellings. Surprise spelling test can be conducted any time.
Keep Reading 🙂
Merry X-mas