Grade 5- Highlights and Homework, 24/12/12

Grade 5- Highlights and Homework, 24/12/12

UOI -: Today we discussed about the Mesopotamia civilization. The “Ancient Mesopotamia” book was read-aloud. Based on the discussion from this book and the notes given earlier, students are grouped to make a collage on Mesopotamia civilization.  Students also attempted few questions given to them from the notes they have got earlier in their UOI notebook.

HW -: Do the research work on the topic given to you on Mesopotamia civilization. for collage work. You can prepare the notes on the same.

Math -: We discussed the weekend homework. We had a session today on conversion of fractions into decimals. We did few sums based on this in the math notebook.

HW -: Go to the below mentioned link for the practice on metric conversion. You can do these sums in your math notebook.

Metric Conversion Worksheets

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