Sr.KG Glimmer highlights of the week 17th – 21st December

Sr.KG Glimmer highlights of the week 17th – 21st December

Dear Parent,

The highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

Introduction of reading poem “I see the car”

Revision of reading poems: “Butterfly”, “Ten Little Fluffy chicks””bounce the ball”

(The rhyme was read by the students from the board. This helped them in enhancing their reading and oral skill).



Revision of following word families: “ag” “ake” “ack” & “ale”

Revision of sight words other, more, before

Introduction of NEW High Frequency words “boy, saw, his &her”.

Videos related to different habitat was shown to generate curiosity. Learners were provoked to think about the reasons that lead an animal to survive in their natural habitat. From the grassland/Forest habitat these animals were discussed: Lion, Bear, Giraffe, Rhino & Deer.

From the Snow habitat :Penguin, Polar bear & other animals were discussed using toys animals.

Following books were Read-a-loud in the class:

Fish is fish by Leo Lionni


  • Introduction of number name 30
  • Revision of half past clock.
  • Revision of number names: 18, 19, and 20.



Worksheet of clock is sent.

Language:-Writing of “ale” word family 6 times in the note book .









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