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Day: December 26, 2012

Jr.KG Red: Athletics Meet 2012

Jr.KG Red: Athletics Meet 2012

Dear Parents,

Students had gala time during Athletics Meet.

I would also like to appreciate parents for coming and encouraging all students. :)

Please let us know how you felt about this event? Kindly write your response in communication diary…



Art Workshop “Merry Christmas”

Art Workshop “Merry Christmas”

Art workshop for Christmas…held-20th December 2012

 Students from SEN participated in Christmas Tree Making activity on 20th December 2012, Thursday.


This activity was conducted on the eve of Christmas celebration and all the students enjoyed it.

It was a surprise activity. The students were unaware about what they were going to make. They were very enthusiastic and excited about it & gradually they came to know and understand what they were making.

They all had fun & were happy to have their own Christmas tree!!

Grade 8 Science H.W. 26-12-12

Grade 8 Science H.W. 26-12-12

Type of homework: Photographs

Duration : Depends on the student

Date of submission : 02/01/2013

Topic : Pressure

Please click a photograph wherever you see example of unit of pressure in your daily life. If it is written in some instruction manual click the photograph of the instrument and the page of the instruction manual. Do not use images from internet.

Reflection of the day 26/12/2012

Reflection of the day 26/12/2012

Dear Parents,

Here is the reflection of the day:

Language: Introduction of Autobiography. (Students had to imagine themselves as an object or product and write about it)

Math: Revision of 2 digits carry over addition using monterio cubes.

Note : Language H.W. write an autobiography on any of your favorite thing.

Thanks & regards

Shivani Dharia

HRT- Grade 1 Concord.


Grade 6, Homework for the day, 26th December,2012.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 26th December,2012.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:

UOI: Complete the toys and bring them to class tomorrow. You will be demonstrating Laws of motion through your toy as discussed in class.

Language: Complete the home work given on Monday and bring to class tomorrow.

Math: First round of WhizKids is over and the results are out:

The possible contenders for the final round are:



Student Names
Evolve Divij Sanjanwala

Aryan Kapasia

Vatsal Mehta

Khushi Gajjar

Enlighten Mitansh Desai

Jaymit Jinjala

Karnav Desai

Progress Krushna Balar

Samashti Patel

Shanay Sanghvi

Aastha Mour

Tomorrow will be a short quiz for the above qualifiers.

Qualifiers start preparing for the 2nd round of quiz.

The remaining students will  also be part of the final round of the quiz on Friday.




manipulative aids my learning.

manipulative aids my learning.


The learner commenced  their X-box rehearsal.

They displayed their thinking skills after seeing an X-ray and wrote a reflection on it.

They solved two simple mixed word problem using manipulative.

H/ W

Solve two word problem from the given work sheet.