14 thoughts on “Math WhizKids- Round 1.

  1. The quiz was full of excitement and more interesting than i had expected and i think then if we read and understand the question properly we”ll be able to answer all answers correctly.
    “Just hope for the best”

  2. very good test and interesting question
    Dhwani – it was very fun to ans. the questions

  3. This quiz was really awsome and its was really really tricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was really exiting and fun!!!!!!!!!

  4. swaraj-it was good
    shreedhar-it was very good and interesting way to cunduct a quiz and refreshing

  5. This Math WhizKids-Round 1 was very tricky and in some of the questions I was very confused. But still it was very enjoyful. I think that i have i have done my best of the abilitis. Wish I would be selected.

    by – Vatsal,Mir

  6. Thank you students for your feedback! Since all of you enjoyed so much..we will try to have more such quizzes.

  7. And there is this anoter big advantage associated with this kind of quiz…I saved on 100 pgs by taking the quiz online 🙂

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