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Day: December 27, 2012

Recap of 27/12/12

Recap of 27/12/12

(1) UOI:- Students worked further on their research task in scrap book. They also prepared themselves by learning CI, LOI, TDT, etc of the current unit.

(2) Students were selected for the X Box performance and started with the practice.

Note: (a) Kindly help your child and complete the research work in scrap book with pictures for the Summative Assessment. Points will be given for content, pictures stuck & on the presentation done. Also they will be asked few questions based on their selected place and will be asked to say and make connections with TDT, CI, LOI, etc. Also write the Bibliography (sites names/add.) and the Conclusion in the scrap book.

Thanks for your co-operation and patience.


(b) Prepare your child with the script / matter given / dance,for the X Box performance. Dates will be given soon for the final performance. 

Grade 8 Verve VAT Sums

Grade 8 Verve VAT Sums

Dear Students,

These are the sums which you need to do in your book. Discussions on the same will be in the next class.

  • Dinesh purchase raw material from Ram and Shyam for manufacturing goods. Dinesh sells goods to

    wholesaler Mohan. Mohan sells goods to Trilok, a retailer, who sells goods to consumers.

    Calcualte the amount of VAT collected by the government from the following particulars based on the

    facts that Shyam charges VAT @ 4% and other sellers charges VAT @ 12.5%:

    Ram to Dinesh          Rs.  5,000

    Shyam to Dinesh      Rs.  8,000

    Dinesh to Mohan      Rs. 18,000

    Mohan to Trilok         Rs. 25,000

    Trilok to Consumers Rs. 30,000

  • Purchase of S & Co., for the month of December are as follow:

    Rs. 1,00,000 at 4% VAT & Rs. 5,00,000 at 12.5 % VAT

    Sales of S & Co., for the month of December are as follow:

    Rs. 3,00,000 at 4% VAT & Rs. 3,00,000 at 12.5% VAT

    Compute the eligible input tax credit and VAT payable for the month.

Grade 8 Language Update, December 27, 2012.

Grade 8 Language Update, December 27, 2012.

We have been working on the following the past week:

  • A look at the themes, symbols in ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.
  • Vocabulary – trying to find contextual meaning of a word, learning to guess the meaning of a word using the Vocabulary Blindfold.
  • Connecting themes from the novel to our personal experiences.

Theme: Food

  • Learning to write an ode.
  • How is an ode different from any other poem? What are the hallmarks of an ode?
  • Writing an ode to any food item/ entity using imagery and relevant vocabulary.



27/12/2012 Grade 9 Language Assignment

27/12/2012 Grade 9 Language Assignment

Updates: Students were given reflection format followed by reflection writing on the Nature Camp adhering to the format. They were provided suitable vocabulary support to aid reflection writing. They also made creative word walls for class display. They are currently studying the unit City Portraits focusing on travel writing, guide book entry, evoking sensory responses etc. They have been given the photocopies of two texts- Poland and Portugal as well as Portrait of a City: Tokyo. The following assignment questions are based on these texts.

Task type: Non research based

Estimated Duration: 50-60 minutes

Date of Submission: January 03, 2013

Dear Students,

The following assignments are based on Text 4A and 4B, the content has already been discussed in the class.

1. Scan text 4B  and underline the words evoking Sensory response, putting them under the headings of Five Senses. Explain why the choices strongly evoke the mood and atmosphere of the place.

Sample format available on:

2. Identify and highlight the parts of Text 4B which are the writer’s opinion or reflection about Tokyo rather than fact. What role does opinion play in travel writing and guide books.

3. You are Andrew Miller, the writer of Text 4B, and you have been asked to write an introduction to the Tokyo entry for a new guide book to Japan. Select from the information in the article 4B and adopt an appropriate style for the new audience and purpose. Word limit- 200-250 words.

Examples of introduction to guide book:

Career Counselling Session

Career Counselling Session

Second career counselling presentation on 4th Jan 2013 for students and parents of grade 8 and 9.

Topic : Foreign Education and Universities.

Venue: Pulse ( New Dance Room ), Fountainhead School

Timings: 7:30 to 9:00 am

Conducted by: Mr Manish Mittal and Mr Vardan Kabra

Grade-6 Night-out- 25th Jan 2013

Grade-6 Night-out- 25th Jan 2013

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that,  Grade-6  will be having their night-out on 25th January 2013. Kindly send your child with the required things as mentioned  in the circular, that would you would be receiving very soon.

However,if you have any further queries related to the night out, please feel free to  communicate through  the diary.