Lessons from the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ seen today-

Passion fuels purpose – The passion for food fuelled purpose in Julia Child as well as Julie Powell, it made them who they were/ are. They were incomplete without their passion and were constantly looking for something to do. Things almost never worked the way they had planned but their passion showed them the path in turbulent times.

Their contribution towards their passion came in regular, small but significant doses and the results are here for us to admire.

Bits of her blog maintained during the project can be found here. It would be good to pay special attention to the way she writes about food and how thoughts of her project dominate most of her waking hours.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Do Julie’s exploits in her tiny kitchen make you want to cook, or do they make you feel thankful that you do not have to try anything of the kind, ever? Your tastes and eating habits may differ from that of Julie Powell or Julia Child, but does the movie leave you with a greater appreciation of food and cooking?
  2.  What does this project do for Julie? How does her passion for food help her in her personal journey? To what degree is her relationship with the project really about the food?

Please try to answer these questions to the best of your abilities.

Internet usage not required.

Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

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