Glitter- Highlights of the Week

Glitter- Highlights of the Week

Dear Parents,

Highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

Introduction of new poem for reading- ‘Sally goes round the Sun”

Revision of the poems for reading- I see a car, Bounce the ball, Butterfly.


  • Revision of word family words ( ale, ar, ap, ack, ake, an, ad)
  • Introduction of High frequency words: saw, put, his, her, boy.

Writing of the same words in notebook.

  • Reading of “The Foot book”.


  • Introduction of Number name: Thirty (30)
  • Revision of number names 1 to 30.
  • Revision of O’ clock and half past clock.
  • Revision of three and four attributes patterns.
  • Revision of Backward Counting 80 to 1

UOI 4:

Central Idea: – Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Going Further Stage:

  • Characteristics of animals of :

Snow habitat- Penguin, Seal, Polar Bear.

Videos were shown related to these animals. We talked about their eating habits, habitat, physical features etc.

  • Read Aloud: Animals of the Ocean- Teresa O’Brien

All about Alligators-  Eric Carle

How Polar Animals Hide- Melvin and Gilda Berger.

Celebration: –

Christmas was celebrated during the Assembly.

Home work:

Language: Writing of the given high frequency words in notebook 3 times . Frame sentences using the same words.

(saw, put, his, her, boy, little, before, other, more.)

Math: Number names 11 to 30.

(Kindly follow the TO   Tens and Ones concept while writing in Math)

Have a wonderful last weekend of this year!!

Welcome the coming year with lots of positivity, joy and activeness!!

Wishing You all a very, very, very…



Payal Jain








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