Grade 6, Homework for the day, 28th December,2012.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 28th December,2012.

Dear all,

Homework for the day is as follows:


All those who have finished with their presentation of the toy now work on the next step, that is as follows:

In the model created by you, re-design the model by adding, removing or modifying any part. Can you predict the change in the functioning of the model due to this re-design? What do you understand? .


For Math S.A you will create a tutorial. So lets start with our pre-research.The answers to below questions will prepare you for the Summative Task.

  • What are the different ways a tutorial can be made? Do a detail research on it and make a list of ways.
  • Also get hands-on understanding of how to go about it. For example if you say video tutorial then how to go about recording and editing your video? What are the tools/softwares that can help you with video recording and editing.
  • Make an exhaustive list of topics that you will cover under your tutorial. Make an index out of it.
  • Remember the content of the tutorial will be assessed on Bloom’s Taxonomy so while explaining any concept you have to  see that you are including all aspects of it. Refer to the attached  diagram for reference.
  • Put these details in math notebook.


The link to the Ramanuja video is given below:


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