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Day: December 28, 2012

28/12/2012 Grade 8 Language Assignment

28/12/2012 Grade 8 Language Assignment

Updates: In the past two weeks, we have analysed the themes and styles used in the ‘Old Man and the Sea’ preceded by sensory description/writing activity(writing using five senses), striven to write an ode to our favorite fruits and vegetables. We are currently working on understanding the connotations and denotation with a view to understanding the characters of the reader as well as author’s writing style with precision.

Task type: non research based

Date of submission: 02/01/2013

Activity: Understanding Connotation and Denotation

Note: You’ll require a dictionary and your reader “Old Man and the Sea” to accomplish this assignment.

Find out substantial adjectives/nouns/similes used for the characters- Marlin, Manolin, Santiago and the Sharks from the reader; which you think are not used in a literal sense (there are other meanings/perspectives attached). Then classify and analyse them as prescribed:

Adjective/Noun/Simile Denotation Connotation(s) Positive/negative
Eg. Salao Comes from the Spanish word salado means salty, bitter the worst form of unlucky Negative connotation



Sr.KG Kindle- Highlights of the week 24th to 28th Dec

Sr.KG Kindle- Highlights of the week 24th to 28th Dec

Dear Parents,

Highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

Introduction of new poem for reading- ‘Sally goes round the Sun”

Revision of the poems for reading- I see a car, Bounce the ball, Butterfly.


  • Revision of word family words ( ale, ar, ap, ack, ake, an, ad)
  • Introduction of High frequency words: saw, put, his, her, boy.

Writing of the same words in notebook.

  • Reading of “The Foot book”.


  • Introduction of Number name: Thirty (30)
  • Revision of number names 1 to 30.
  • Revision of O’ clock and half past clock.
  • Revision of three and four attributes patterns.
  • Revision of Backward Counting 80 to 1

UOI 4:

Central Idea: – Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Going Further Stage:

  • Characteristics of animals of :

Snow habitat- Penguin, Seal, Polar Bear.

Videos were shown related to these animals. We talked about their eating habits, habitat, physical features etc.

  • Read Aloud: Animals of the Ocean- Teresa O’Brien

All about Alligators-  Eric Carle

How Polar Animals Hide- Melvin and Gilda Berger.


Christmas was celebrated during the Assembly.

Home work:

Language: Writing of the given high frequency words in notebook 3 times . Frame sentences using the same words.

(saw, put, his, her, boy, little, before, other, more.)

Math: Number names 11 to 30.

(Kindly follow the TO   Tens and Ones concept while writing in Math)

Have a wonderful last weekend of this year!!

Welcome the coming year with lots of positivity, joy and activeness!!

Wishing You all a very, very, very…



Nandini Aswani.








Hindi Homework

Hindi Homework

Complete Report writing which you did in groups . Complete answers of story Mehangi Padi . Read story Jeevan Ki muskan From Reader. In next class we will do one activity based on your reading. So read carefully in order to enjoy the activity .

Read reports in Rajasthan patrika newspaper online to understand the pattern of different reports. www. rajasthan patrika .com .  Bring some Xerox samples or newspaper cuttings  so that you can share in class .

Hindi Homework

Hindi Homework

Complete comprehension given in class. In next class I will check all the homework  given  in month of  December ( questions based on stories – Khana pakane wala pati – chhote sikke – Kishan ki arji ) . I already explained this in class . So do all the work sincerely .

Hindi Homework

Hindi Homework

Read the story SWARG KA TUKDA page 48 from reader and write answers of given questions.

Issue one library book and choose one story which you will convert in dialogues . Story can be from internet or any other book. In that case bring Xerox of that story. In next class we will do this activity .

Submission of homework will be on 2 January.

EVS Homework [No.2]

EVS Homework [No.2]

Study the layers of atmosphere and answer the following interesting questions…

[All answers has to be detailed and if required with proper images – Submit in any format (doc, ppt – as you like)]

  1. Which is the highest free fall Jump record? What preparations were done for that?
  2. What is the process and precautions for Space Shuttle entering atmosphere? [You can refer ‘Kalpna Chawla’ Incident].
  3. How do Weather balloons work? How frequently they are sent? How many and which countries send it?

Submission Date : 2nd Jan 2013

Following are some reference sites:

Highlights and homework of Dec 28

Highlights and homework of Dec 28

Day 5

Highlights- The learners appeared for Formative Assessment of Math and enjoyed doing a word puzzle worksheet.

Homework- Simile and Metaphor poems and activities in the poem work book, make 10 sentences from the words searched, Math worksheet on Place value. Learn all the Spellings.

Keep Reading and Accomplishing your Goals 🙂


Arts Camp

Arts Camp

Dear Parents,

It was communicated earlier that students who had participated in AS could not participate in the same camp again. But now, due to an overwhelming demand by students and few parents, we have allowed students to participate in any area of Art camp even if (s)he had enrolled for the same in AS.

So don’t miss this opportunity and send your entries latest by 4th JAN. Looking forward to seeing you at the camps.

Best Regards

Pankti Chauhan
Art Coordinator