SR.KG Sparkle Highlights of the week: 24th Dec – 28th Dec

SR.KG Sparkle Highlights of the week: 24th Dec – 28th Dec

Dear Parents,

Highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

Introduction of new poem for reading- ‘Sally goes round the Sun”

Revision of the poems for reading- I see a car, Bounce the ball, Butterfly.


  • Revision of word family words ( ale, ar, ap, ack, ake, an, ad)
  • Revision of High frequency words: saw, put, his, her, boy.

Reading of “The Foot book”.


  • Introduction of Number name: Thirty (30)
  • Revision of number names 1 to 30.
  • Revision of O’ clock and half past clock.
  • Revision of three and four attributes patterns.
  • Revision of Backward Counting 80 to 1

UOI 4:

Central Idea: – Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Going Further Stage:

  • Characteristics of animals of :

Water Habitat- Whale, jellyfish, crocodile and alligator.

Videos were shown related to these animals. We talked about their eating habits, habitat, physical features etc. We also talked about the differences between the whale and other fishes. Differences of crocodile and alligator were also discussed.

.Celebration: - Christmas was celebrated during the Assembly.

Home work:

Write the HF words (saw, put, his, her, boy) 3 times and frame                      sentences with the same.

Math: Number names 11 to 30.

(Kindly follow the TO   Tens and Ones concept while writing in Math)


Have a wonderful last weekend of this year!!

Welcome the coming year with lots of positivity, joy and activeness!!

Wishing You all a very, very, very…



Priyanka Chahwala



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