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Day: December 31, 2012

Highlights of the week 24th December 2012 to 4th January 2013

Highlights of the week 24th December 2012 to 4th January 2013

Circle Time:

  • Revision of all the rhymes done till date.
  • Morning Message:  Usage of “please”. Example: “Please listen carefully.”

Talk about weather.

UOI 3: – Family and friends play a role in our lives.

Family Day!: Students were dressed up as family member and enacted on the situation given by the teacher.


  • Word of the week: Excuse Me
  • Revision of alphabets “A-T” along with sounds.
  • High frequency words: –

Introduction: “put, any, was, are”

 Revision of words (I, she, he, me, we, go, no, so, to, do, up, my, as, at, or, us, by, am, in, you, saw, the, one, two)

  • Summative Assessments.
  • Homework: – As given in the note book. Please help your child write with proper directionality.


  • Revision of numbers 1- 20.
  • Revision of Patterns with two attributes.
  • Revision of Terms: long-short, wide-narrow, small-big, up-down, far- near, left-right, inside-outside and Fat-thin etc was been practiced.
  • Revision of mathematical operation- counting, association, after, before, middle, between, forward, backward, more and less, greater than and less than from number 0-20.
  • Summative Assessments
  • Home work:- Work book

Free Play:

  • Construction\wooden Blocks
  • Lacing boards
  • Easel and rollers
  • Rolling pins and clay

Important Note:-

  • As all of you are already aware, our night out is on 5th January 2013 (Saturday), so please encourage and send your kids for the event as it is part of our unit. If any of you having any queries related to night out, please feel free and communicate through diary. We will send you the details and transport route next week by 3rd January.
  • Kindly send notebook and workbook by Tuesday every week.
  • Please send one object which begins with their favorite letter. (e.g. if your child’s favorite letter is ‘F’ then send ‘F’ for fish or frog or flower) for show and tell activity.
  • Kindly practice math operations (counting, association, after\before numbers, middle\between numbers and backward-forward counting, more or less, greater than and less than) with your child. And in language practice identification of letters (capital and small letters) and its associations (‘A’ for apple, almond, ambulance, apron, anchor, astronaut, etc.)
  • Please keep a track on your child’s progress/learning.

 Happy Winter Break!