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Month: January 2013

Highlights of Dec.-Jan. for G-7 Idea,Vision,Insight

Highlights of Dec.-Jan. for G-7 Idea,Vision,Insight

Highlights of grade 7 for the unit based Dialogue writing.
From 26th November to 31st January
This unit was planned on Dialogue writing in Hindi language.
Unit started with the general discussion on the topic and having interaction with students to know their understanding about the topic.
After this some exemplar from movie or play is been discussed with them and we gave some situation and character to enact on it.
They did the Role play or enactment during two Hindi class slot in a week, supervised by teacher and got feedback, suggestions and guidance wherever they looked for it.
Students performed in a class itself and with costumes and props, whatever they find there and that time spontaneously by themselves only.
After enactment they came to know that in different situations and different places different vocabulary and terminology is used in Hindi language.
With this understanding we have selected some topics and situation and asked students to write dialogues on it as per their understanding and observation of day to day life.
Some of the topics students did it in class as part of their writing practice while some of the topics were given as homework to enhance their writing skills.
We had Hindi stories book “24 Kahaniya” as a reader for enhancing student’s comprehension skills; from this reader we did three stories namely “REVATI KA SANGEET PREMI PAUDHA”, “PAIKI KATHAFODAVA” AND “GOLIYON KI GUNJ”. Students read these stories in class and later we have given them some questions from these stories to write their answers in their Hindi notebook. We had discussion also related to these stories to have student’s reflection orally, which helped in their comprehending skills as well.
A t the end of unit after almost ten writing practice on different situation we have taken formative assessment on a prepared worksheet to know better understanding of students about the topic.


Eco club… Things to do By next Monday…

Eco club… Things to do By next Monday…

Dear Eco Club Members,

 As we discussed in our meeting Please do the following things by Monday [4th Feb]…
1. Click Pictures of any water wastage you observe.
2. Choose plants to be used for bottle garden. [Plant which can grow in very small pots]
3. Collect at least one article for display.
Reflection of the day

Reflection of the day

Today learners enjoyed the atmosphere. Few students gave IEO exam and other students revised articles and subtraction sums.

No homework today 🙂 So encourage yourself to do more n more read aloud to improve their listening and comprehending skills. Motivate and appreciate them to achieve their goals.


Shruti.Patel 🙂

(HRT of grade 1 “AMITY”)

Highlights of the week 21st Jan to 25th Jan

Highlights of the week 21st Jan to 25th Jan

U.O.I : Played the game ‘Passing the ball’ and Snatching the eggs’ and took the reflection on it. There was one to one discussion with the students regarding Passing the ball where in the students discussed about the strategies they could have used in order to win and also they discussed the mistakes that they made while playing the game.

Students also said that they lost the game because they were not concentrating. Also they said that we were not standing with broad legs so because of that the player who had to crawl through was not able to crawl.

The reflection for all the games was taken through the graphic organizer.

Lang: Revision was done in the language book of whatever was done so far. New topic was introduced i.e ‘demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those). New reader name ‘playball Amelia Bedelia were introduced through video. Learners were asked to write what they learnt and understood through the video. We also did the read aloud till page no. 14. and is integrated with our games unit. Reflection was taken for the same and once homophones and homonyms were revised.

Math: Revision was done for whatever done so far in their math book.

Bullying – one more session was done of ‘why do people bully and how do you feel when they bully you?’ and reflection was taken in the graphic organizer.