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Day: January 5, 2013

SR.KG – Important Note for Parents

SR.KG – Important Note for Parents

Dear Parents,

Kindly note the learning centers will not be conducted for the next week i.e 7th January – 11th January, 2013 due to the Assessment task being taken for the students.

The learning centers will be functional from 15th January onward. Interested parents kindly communicate with their Respective Homeroom teachers for the same.

Warm Regards,

SR.KG Team

Gujarati Curriculum for the month of January

Gujarati Curriculum for the month of January

Happy new year to all my students and parents.

In the month of January we have 4 classes.We will cover 4 stories from the list given below,


  • બકુલ ત્રિપાઠીનું તેરમું - બકુલ ત્રિપાઠી
  • હવામાં કરફ્યુ –  મન્નું શેખ્ચલ્લી
  • બહેરો હસે બે વાર- તારક મહેતા

Story name:

  • “બુફેની કોમેડી અને પંગતની ભવ્યતા “
  • “પ્લોટ,પુસ્તક અને બિલ્ડર”
  • “અમારો પીન્ટુ ગુમ થયો છે “
  • “મુસીબતે ઍ..એ…ઍ… બુફે પાર્ટી”


  • Students will make a venn diagram from the story. Topic is – difference between “બુફે પાર્ટી અને પંગતપાર્ટી”
  • Students will write answers on given questions- If you are builder then which strategies you will apply for the sale of a plot,flat,land,shop.
  • Students will write a ‘missing note’ on given topic:તમારી કોઈ કીંમતી વસ્તુ ખોવાયાની /તમારા પડોશી બાળકની ખોવાયાની.
  • Learning outcomes:Students can write missing note for newspaper.
  • Students will write on given topic:1.If you are principal of the school then how will you take interview of teacher? or 2. In your school which policy do you follow for you and for others?


  • Students will write answers on given story worksheet of “શહેરની ઘેલછા”
  • Students will draw a cartoon related story and write the dialogs.
  • Students will write Newspaper Advertisement on the topic:”તમે બનાવેલી કોઈ વસ્તુ વેચવા માટે પેપર મા જાહેરાત આપો”.
  • Students will solve crossword puzzle in gujarati on given worksheet.
SR.KG Sparkle – Highlights of the week: 31st Dec-4th Jan

SR.KG Sparkle – Highlights of the week: 31st Dec-4th Jan

Dear Parents,

Highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

Reading from the Big board book- “Maria goes to school”

(Every class has made their own Big Board Book with pictures and short story related to it, students were excited to have their own Big Board Book which also helped them in enhancing their reading skills)

Reading of the poem: Sally goes round the Sun


  • Revision of word family words (ag, ale, ake, ack)
  • Revision of High frequency words done till date.
  • Reading of “The Foot book”.(Discussion on opposites was done)
  • Language Assessments  taken.


  • Revision of Number names: 1-40
  • Revision of ascending and descending order.
  • Math assessments taken.

UOI 4:

Central Idea: – Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Going Further Stage:

  • Characteristics of animals of :

Desert Habitat- Camel.

Videos were shown related to these animals. We talked about their eating habits, habitat, physical features etc.

Revision of : Snow habitat

Water habitat

Grassland\ Jungle Habitat

Important note:  PCM of Sr.KG. is on 2nd Febraury’2013.

Home work:

Language: Write ag, ale, ake, ack words 1 time in N.B

Maths workbook: Pg 74 & 75.


Priyanka Chahwala

Openings at Fountainhead School

Openings at Fountainhead School

Dear Parents,

We have scheduled a round of interview on Sunday 6th Jan, 2013, for recruiting teachers for next academic year.

You can encourage or recommend teachers who you know are good and apt for our school as we also have walk in interview on the same day from 9 am to 11 am.

You can send resume at:

Transportation in school bus / vans will be provided to the candidates if required from the following stops. The stops and timings for pick up are as follows,

The Bus will be on time. Candidate can board from the stop which is nearer to them.

The timings for

Sargam Shopping Center:            8:10 am
Amrutkunj:                                    8:20 am
Firestation (Turning Point):          8:25 am
Vanita Vishram Ground:              8:30 am
Vijay Dairy (Adajan Circle):         8:40 am
Morabhagal (Subhas Garden):   8:50 am

Fountainhead School