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Day: January 6, 2013

SR.KG Glimmer Highlights of the week: 31st Dec-4th Jan

SR.KG Glimmer Highlights of the week: 31st Dec-4th Jan

Dear Parents,

Highlights of this week are as follows:

Circle Time:

Introduction to reading from Big board book- “I am Sam”

(Every class has made their own Big Board Book with pictures and short story related to it, students were excited to have their own Big Board Book which also helped them in enhancing their reading skills)

Revision of the poem for reading- Sally goes round the Sun

Introduction to Aural: Video of a short story was played from ‘Panchtantra’ and  questions were asked related to it. This helps to enhance their listening as well as communication skills.


  • Revision of word family words (ag, ale, ake, ack)
  • Revision of High frequency words done till date.
  • Reading of “The Foot book”.(Discussion on opposites was done)
  • Language assessments  taken


  • Revision of Number names: 1-50
  • Revision of ascending and descending order.
  • Math assessments  taken

UOI 4:

Central Idea: – Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Going Further Stage:

  • Characteristics of animals of :

Water habitat- Fish, Otter, and Crocodile.

Revision of: Snow Habitat

Videos were shown related to these animals. We talked about their eating habits, habitat, physical features etc.

Home work:

Language: Revise  ag, ale, ake, ack words.


Sweta. Changoiwala