JKG Violet: Jr.KG: Highlights of the week (7th January to 11th January)

JKG Violet: Jr.KG: Highlights of the week (7th January to 11th January)

Circle Time:

  • Revision of all the rhymes done till date.

Morning Message: How is the weather?  The Weather is very cold.

UOI (Year long): – Stories

  • Made story using flashcards.
  • Students chose their favorite character and drew story on flash card and stated Beginning, middle and ending part.

UOI 3: Plants

  1. Took the students to brown patch land. And asked them to observe and then asked how we can make it beautiful or what thing can be there.
  2. Explained TDT of the unit using- Mind map
  3. Gallery walk. After gallery walk reflection was taken from students.


  • Word of the week: confidence
  • Introduction of letter: Uu
  • High frequency words: Introduction: “saw, one, two and put”
  • Revision of words (I, she, he, me, we, go, no, so, to, do, up, my, as, at, or, us, by, am, in, you, saw, the, one, two)


  • Introduction of number 21,22,23,24 and 25 orally
  •  Introduction of big (bigger) number and small (smaller) number.
    • Revision of mathematical operation- counting, association, after, before, middle, between, forward, backward, more and less, greater than and less than from number 0-20.
    • Revision of pattern with manipulative(2 attributes) with rule of ABAB
    • Revision of Pre-math concepts: in-out, up-down, narrow-wide, near-far, fat-thin, dry-wet

Free Play:

  • Straw Painting: Each child will place a small drop of tempera paint in the center of a large piece of paper. Each child will be given a straw to blow (lightly) the paint around the paper to make a design.

Important Note:-

  • Kindly be on time for PTC (parent teacher conference). Request you to bring reports when you come for PTC without fail. I request both the parents to attend the PTC. Reports will be send by next Week.
  • The below mentioned are the PTC slots of your child. You are free to swap timings with other parents with mutual consent . The teacher will play no role in swapping timings. Parents will have to call each other for the same. In case there is a change in the timing then both the parents need to communicate the change to the HRT through communication diary.
  • Timing 18th January 19th January
    7.45-8.05 Aadya Jain Raihan Patel
    8.15-8.35 Kairav Sakkai Jal Desai
    8.45-9.05 Kunjan Patel Arham Bothra
    9.15-9.35 Diva Lungaria Vanshika Singh
    9.45-10.05 Prem Kapadia Devansh
    10.15-10.35 Abir Daga Druvaan Desai
    10.45-11.05 Sharan Khurana Falak
    11.15-11.35 Suhani Agarwal Aarav Agarwal
    11.45-12.05 Mehak Agarwal Ishani Singh
    12.15-12.35 Grisha Doshi
  • Kindly send notebook and workbook by Tuesday every week.
  • Kindly practice math operations (counting, association, after\before numbers, middle\between numbers and backward-forward counting, more or less, greater than and less than) with your child. And in language practice identification of letters (capital and small letters) and its associations (‘A’ for apple, almond, ambulance, apron, anchor, astronaut, etc.)
  • Please keep a track on your child’s progress/learning.


Priyanka Chhabra

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