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Day: January 15, 2013

Bal Mela

Bal Mela

Dear Parents,
This is to inform you that ‘Bal Mela’ event will not be open for the students of Fountainhead School.
The reason behind this is that we are inviting about 700 – 800 underprivileged children from surrounding villages, SMC schools and NGO’s for this event and as such, we are facing severe space constraints. We want these children to feel free to play games and enjoy various activities.
The main purpose of this event is to give underprivileged children, who do not have the privilege of space and resource, a chance to enjoy the joys of childhood.
If any parent wishes to volunteer for this event, you can register by mailing to
Transport will only be available for student and parent volunteers.
Fountainhead School

Parent Feedback Form

Parent Feedback Form

Dear Parents, 

Those of you who have yet not filled the ‘Parent Feedback Form’, we urge you to fill it up as this will help us  improve and understand your expectations from the school. 

Our ICT lab will be open on the days of the PTC, for all the parents who would like to use this facility to fill up the form. 

If you are facing any problems regarding your school e-mail id and password, you can contact our IT department in the administration area.


Fountainhead School


Those of you who have already filled the form, please ignore this note.

Grade 6, Homework for 15th January, 2013

Grade 6, Homework for 15th January, 2013


  1. Reading further till Chapter 15.
  2. Analyse the following elements of narratives for the current reader (To be done in Language notebook)
  • Setting
  • Characters (antagonists, protagonists),
  • Rising action,
  • Plot
  • Climax
  • falling action
  • resolution

3. Mystery Box (Objective questioning skill)

You  need to bring one item (no food) in a box- Enclosed in the box put an index card with maximum 3 hints/clues that will help in identifying the object. make your clues interesting.

Example #1

Q:What is so delicate that when you say its name it is broken?

A: Silence

Example #2

Q:I stare at you,

You stare back at me.

Your a copycat,

I can see.

Whatever I do,

You seem to do too.

At the same time of course,

But how do you know.

Who am I?

A: Mirror


(Only for Pythagoras and Aryabhatta (Lulua Ma’am’s Group)

-Ex.18.2 (Q.No.1 to 5)

-Re-do the summative assessment paper in your Math notebook(Submit on Thursday-17th Jan,2013)

 (Only for  Aryabhatta (Shahnaz Ma’am’s Group)

Re-do the summative assessment paper in your Math notebook(Submit on Wednesday, tomorrow, 16th Jan,2013)

Geometry-2 S.A (Click on this link to view your paper)

Note for the Parents

Note for the Parents

Dear Parent,
In context of a  read aloud  activity, we are going to prepare a class pictograph of the birthdays of the children in Sr.KG. ( all the sections). For the same, we need some pop-corn. Kindly send some    pop-corn with your child tomorrow, 16th January.
Sr.KG. Team