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Day: January 21, 2013

Highlights and Homework of Jan 21

Highlights and Homework of Jan 21

Day 2

UOI- The learners were introduced to weights. Discussion of real life examples and its application was done. The learners solved few sums too.
Lang- Matilda- Ch 4 was read and explained. George Marvelous Medicine- write the flow chart and the process how George made the medicine

Complete the flow chart and the worksheet given on Matilda
Word problems on Length
Learn the Spellings

Keep Reading and reviewing your new goals 🙂

Recap of the day (21/1/2013)

Recap of the day (21/1/2013)

Lang: Revision of grammar was done which included nouns, pronouns, adjectives, articles, singular/plural, verbs.

Students Feedback was taken on Student Led Conference.

Students were given training regarding fire drill in case of fire in school.

Single Subject: Assembly, PYPA.


Lang: 18 sentences given on verb tenses

Note:  Please send the assessment reports tomorrow if not sent.



Homework for Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

Homework for Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

Thought for the day: Any time means no time.

Highlights of the day:

The day started off with a fire mock drill; a hooter was sounded indicating a fire in the school premises and the students were guided out of the school, in the football ground.

UOI: Students discussed the solutions of the problems faced by Surat city.

Math: Students learnt real life application of division.


Math: Worksheet (Division)

H.W for the day | 21 Jan ’13

H.W for the day | 21 Jan ’13


Collect newspaper articles, interviews and photographs of people who have influenced you. Bring it in form of a composition and not separate pieces of paper. 

Here’s the Mallika Sarabhai’s Tedtalk that we viewed in the class today. If anyone  is interested in watching it again.


Start practicing Area and Perimeter on Mindspark.


  • Let’s build up mystery vocabulary.

        Get list of words which are unique to mystery genre.

        example: Detective, Witness

        These are just two words. Find more and make a list.

  • Find meaning of these words: 1. Motive 2. Culprit. 3. Perpetrators. 4. Sleuth
  • Use each of the words in your own sentence: 1. Discard. 2. Miscellaneous 3. Mortal. The best sentences would be put up on the exemplar board.
G- 3 Illuminate Updates

G- 3 Illuminate Updates

Updates: (till 18th January, 2013)

UOI: Tuning in to to new unit of community, focusing on concept of responsibility.

Math: Tuning in to Division as grouping. Division vocabulary, division sums in books and division worksheets.

Language: read aloud selfish giant, adjectives, homophones, antonyms.

SLC: on 17th and 18th January, 2012.


home work given on 21st January, 2013.

UOI: based on the classroom discussion, collect evidences for any 3 problems or issues you know about and think and write about the action which can be taken for the same.

Language: write a sentence using each of  the adverbs given in note book.



Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework- 21st Jan’13

Grade 3 Innovate Highlights and Homework- 21st Jan’13

A hearty appreciation to all the students and parents of Innovate for making the SLC a successful event! Students were confident as well as the parents were motivating. Excellent! Hope to see more in the next SLC!

Today in the Assembly session, we had a Mock Fire Drill. In which the students had to listen to a fire Hooter and evacuate the school rushing towards the football ground. They had to move out from a given route to avoid chaos at the road way. This was a practice to instill in the students the awareness for a fire emergency in the school. This practice will be repeated a few times in the coming months, so that the students are well prepared for the real time!

UOI- Since last 2 weeks we have started up with our new unit on communities and the responsibilities of the stakeholders, under the TDT, ‘How we organize ourselves’. Students were tuned into the unit through, the tuning in of the Key Concept ‘Responsibility’. They did activities like concentric circles of responsibility and discussions on where they were responsible as an individual.

Then the students were introduced to the DFC (Design for change) feature of the unit. In this the unit will go about with Feel – Imagine – Do – Share.

Feel: As a class the students felt different problems they face or others are facing as a citizen in the community of Surat. They turned up with several problems like, traffic rules and regulations not followed, corruption, food adulteration, killing the females and senior citizens, cleanliness and many more.

Imagine: Then as their homework they imagined solutions to these problems. The students came in with Out of the box solutions. They were guided to now think an identify the problems and solutions on which they can ‘Do’ something. Take action on!

Language: Until now, learners did adjectives, homophones and antonyms in language with the practice on comprehension, punctuation and tenses in the learning center. Today the students were introduced to ‘Adverbs’ through different activities. They learnt what is an adverb? Different adverbs formed with different adjectives like; slow to slowly, and greedy to greedily with ‘ily’.


UOI: Start taking actions to your solutions and collect evidences of the same.

Language- make sentences with the adverbs given  in the note book.

Maths: Division practice worksheet.


Highlights and Homework (21st Jan)

Highlights and Homework (21st Jan)



Students were introduction to a new topic in measurement strand (Weights). The conversion of grams to kilograms and vice verse was also told. Later on, related sums were discussed.


Students read and wrote answers for the poem “Bed Head” by Kenn Nesbitt.


1. Complete the pages 54, 55, 56,57,59,60,61,62,67,68,72 from poem booklet

2. Learn the spellings.





Lang:- Grammar revision of entire portion.

The students formed a group of 4 and played a grammar quiz. The team member who gave the correct answer won point for the team. They revised the grammar topics covered so far.

Reflection of the SLC , students’  point of view.

H/ W

Lang:- Learn the word list given and make sentences using the words in your language.  book. Use the punctuation in the sentences so far.Contraction, expansion, ., ,?, ! ” ” .

Math : Solve the word problem.


Parents kindly send the medical report sent from the school after signing in the second column.


Grade 1: Important Note regarding X box performance

Grade 1: Important Note regarding X box performance

Dear Parents;

As tomorrow Grade 1 Amity and Hope are going to perform in X box, we request you to send students with the costume without fail. Please refer to the circular given to you today and send the costume accordingly.

Parents are requested to be present in school by 8:50 as we will start with the performance sharp at 9:00 am.


G. 1 Hope and Amity


Language Assignment – Calvin and Hobbes.

Language Assignment – Calvin and Hobbes.


This wall is available at

Read any twenty pages of our reader and please add your reflection to the wall including the following-

  1. An excerpt that tickles your imagination
  2. The theme hidden in the strip
  3. Your analysis

Do make sure your ideas are in fact your own and not coloured by someone else’s.

Date of submission – January 25, 2013.

Internet usage will be required only to access the wall and write on it. Fasten your seatbelts, enjoy the ride.