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Day: January 22, 2013

Grade 9 Global Perspectives Update

Grade 9 Global Perspectives Update

We are through with our discussion on Ecology and Biodiversity Loss and we will begin a new topic this week. It is going to be busy weekend for us and please keep yourself updated in case you miss a session. Details on important updates have been mailed to you.

Gujarati Homework 3rd week of January (Grade 4)

Gujarati Homework 3rd week of January (Grade 4)

students will read the story “ભણતર કરતા સમજણ મોટી” from the reader “ચટપટી વાર્તાઓ ભાગ à«©”and write answers on given questions in their gujarati notebook.

  1. વાર્તામાં ભરવાડનો છોકરો શું કામ કરતો અને શું ધ્યાન રાખતો ?
  2. શિકારીને જોઈ સસલું  ક્યાં ભરાઈ ગયું ?
  3. શિકારીઓએ સસલુંને બહાર કાઢવા શું ઉપાય વિચાર્યો ?
  4. શિકારીઓની વાતો સાંભળી ભરવાડે શિકારીઓને શું કહ્યું ?
  5. શિકારીઓએ ભરવાડની વાત નહી માની ને શું કર્યું ?
  6. જાળું બળવાથી શું થયું ?
  7. વાર્તા પરથી તમે શું શીખ્યા?
Highlights and homework 21 and 22 Jan.’13

Highlights and homework 21 and 22 Jan.’13



Learners were tuned in for the new unit. The tuning in was a work station based activity wherein, on each workstation there were different aids used in media. Learners were asked to explore each workstation and write about their understanding on the same.


Learners were introduced to weights by asking them provoking questions which included “What all things do you come across when you buy vegetables” and other similar questions.


Maths worksheet

Language worksheets

Grade 3 Inspire- Highlights and Homework- 22nd January 2013

Grade 3 Inspire- Highlights and Homework- 22nd January 2013

Circle time- Meditation

Tables chanting – Students chanted the tables.

5 min. grammar- Each student made a sentence which included an adjective and an adverb in it.

UOI- Students discussed the homework; solution to the problem and where students were divided into groups of 10 for finding solution to the problem through DFC. (Bribe and Bullying)

Practice of X- box performance.

Math- Students solved the division worksheet of MIRL.


UOI- Take actions and collect evidences.

Math- Division worksheet.

Language- Subject verb agreement worksheet.

Highlights and Homework of Jan 22

Highlights and Homework of Jan 22

Day 3

Introduction to Autobiography- Brainstorming of the term ‘autobiography’ was done.Autobiography of ‘A Coin’ was discussed and an exemplar for the same was given.  Revision of Spellings was taken.
The learners were tuned in the new unit and exploratory tables for the same was set. They heard jingles of common products, guessed the punchlines and ads, read the latest news and explored various newspaper cuttings and articles. The concluded that the new unit is related to Media and Advertisements.

Autobiography of ‘A racing car’
Learn the spellings

Note- Newspaper reading for half an hour is compulsory everday. Maintain the reading log and read for an hour everyday.

Keep Reading 🙂


Gujarati Homework 3rd week of January (Grade 6)

Gujarati Homework 3rd week of January (Grade 6)

Dear parents,

We have sent question cheat of “બુફે ની કોમેડી પંગતની ભવ્યતા” students will write answers in their gujarati notebook.

This is the link of gujarati kavita,students will search any poem of recite the kavita in their gujarati class, also they explain that kavita.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 22nd January, 2013.

Grade 6, Homework for the day, 22nd January, 2013.

Dear All,

Homework for the day is as follows:


RUN Group:

Complete the task given to you, in the, sheets provided in class today.

i.e.Finding the meaning of the words and constructing appropriate sentences.


Find meanings of the words given below and construct appropriate sentences:

  • Blackmail
  • Cold-blooded
  • Detonated
  • Larceny
  • Poisoning
  • Premeditated
  • Vandalism
  • Accosted
  • Lured
  • Rendered
  • Stalked
  • Calculating
  • Caught red-handed
  • Lethal
  • Nocturnal



On the basis of the video shared in class today, complete the following in your Math notebook.

  • Derive  the area for acute triangle
  • Derive area of  an Obtuse triangle


Complete the worksheet given to you in class today in your Math notebook.