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Day: January 23, 2013

Grade 3 Inspire Highlights and Homework- 23th January 2013

Grade 3 Inspire Highlights and Homework- 23th January 2013

Circle Time- Meditation

Tables chanting

5 min. grammar- Students changed the sentences into different tenses.

Math-Students solved the division worksheet.

X- box performance practice. Students were allocated roles for the X- box performance.


Math- Division worksheet.

UOI- Take actions and bring evidences.

Language- Comprehension worksheet.

Homework for the day | 23 Jan ’13

Homework for the day | 23 Jan ’13


In context of the movie watched in the class today, answer the following questions:

-What is the main influence in the movie?

-Have you ever been influenced by someone?

-Can you cite an instance from your life or surroundings where expressions have made an impact?

-Which are the various forms of expressions used in the movie?

-Which form could you connect with most?

-How can you influence others?


Solve the worksheet given to you.


Hereby attaching the mystery writing task and rubric

Mystery Writing

Begin with prewriting

Make a chart.

  • You need 9-10 boxes/placeholders for this chart. One box will contain one of the following detail. You can organize and connect these boxes/placeholders in the way you like it. The entire chart should convey your story but in brief.
  1. Write the crime/problem for your mystery in the middle box.
  2. Label one of the boxes as detective/ hero/ antagonist and write the name of the detective with his/her characteristics in that box.
  3. Write the name of the possible suspects in next 3-4 boxes, with key details.
  4. In another box make a list of clues that you can use in your story.
  5. One another box will describe the setting for your story.
  6. Last but not the least- Include how is your story going to end. Mystery is best thought and written beginning with the end in mind.


Brainstorm and put your ideas on this below link. Take A3 print, fold it into a cube and bring that to class tomorrow.


Whichever form you select, the following reference will give you detail in regards to above pointers:

Recap of the day (23/1/2013)

Recap of the day (23/1/2013)

Lang: Introduced demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those). The same will be drilled again tomorrow.

UOI: Had one to one discussion with the students regarding the Trans-disciplinary Theme “Who we are” where in the students said that the reason why we are studying this TDT is that in this unit we need to know about are strengths and weaknesses while playing a game and need to improve it. Also we have some responsibilities as a member when we are working in a team.

Note:   The worksheets of term 1 and some of the worksheets of term 2 are sent home as there was no space in the box file for the term 3 worksheets.

Single Subject: PYPA, PE, Hindi


Lang: Comprehension W.B. Pg 21,22,23

New words given

Imprest amount statement sent




Students undertook revision of all the past  topics in math and Language.


Language:- Complete the sheet on verbs given to you.

Learn the spelling from the word list given for the dictation on Friday.


Grade 3, Imbue and Ideate, highlights of the day (22nd -23rd Dec)

Grade 3, Imbue and Ideate, highlights of the day (22nd -23rd Dec)

Grade 3, Imbue and Ideate, highlights of the day (22nd -23rd Dec)

Language-Introductions of adverbs through various activities. Students were asked to define adverbs, after catering to this. We make them understand the difference between adjective and adverbs. Like adverbs are usually created from adjectives with an added ly ending. E.g. quick becomes quickly. Students were given many adjectives words and asked them to change in adverbs. Certain words change when they become adverbs. If an adjective ends in a y, you need to change the y to an ‘i’ before adding the ly! Like. Funny becomes funnily.

Maths-Students were asked to solve divisions sum through board work, work sheets and work sheets which had illustrations.

UOI-Catering the DFC,after making students feel and imagine, now students are asked to bring some evidence for the actions that needs to be taken.

Home work

Maths- Complete work sheets

Language-Complete work sheets

UOI- Collect evidences and prepare for DFC.




CS HW Jan 23 2013

CS HW Jan 23 2013

Research Task to be completed before next class on D1 – Jan 25, Friday

  1. Usefulness of Graphics Tablet
  2. Light Pen
  3. List down image capturing devices
  4. How does a scanner work? What are its advantages and applications?
  5. Digital Camera’s working, advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Camcorders and its uses.
  7. Webcam and its applications
  8. Name different sound and music capturing devices.
  9. MIDI Keyboard
  10. How does a remote control work? Where are remote controls used?
  11. List down different types of remote controls and difference in their working.
Grade – 5 Reciprocity, Highlights and Homework 23/01/13,

Grade – 5 Reciprocity, Highlights and Homework 23/01/13,

This week, in UOI we went ahead with the research work on the respective Civilization ( Greek/Rome/Egypt). Students extended their understanding by recording their details using variety of tools for their exhibition. Learners are quite thrilled and excited for the big day (Exhibition) to be held on 25th January, 2013.

In Language, we extended further on descriptive writing focusing elements of story. Students got an overview of writing piece based on the elements of the story.

In Math, we focused on addition based on decimals.


Grade 5 Team